EBay is popular in Italy! These three categories are the best sellers


Author:Guo Wenpei
Source: ennews

Affected by the epidemic, global e-commerce has witnessed rapid development, and consumers' shopping methods are also changing. it is reportedItalyE-commerce has reached an amazing levelMore and more consumers are turning to online shopping


According to the start-up companies in the international freight fieldData from a study of Packlink,Italian e-commerce is developing rapidly, mainlyShopping groupIt's the northwest and the southUnder 40Consumers of, monthlyAverage ofSpend onBetween 50 and 150 euros.According to foreign media reports, the development speed of e-commerce in this region has surpassed that of Germany, the Netherlands and other countries, ranking first in Europe.


andEBay is becoming the most popular e-commerce shopping platform for Italian consumers. Many consumers believe that they have the opportunity to buy all kinds of goods they want on the eBay platform. meanwhile,eBayPlatformcouponIt is becoming the main factor to attract consumers to buy, and about two-thirds of people believe thatProducts with higher cost performance can be purchased on eBay.


In addition to price concessions, Italian consumers believe that product quality and shopping experience are also the core factors they consider when choosing shopping channels. stayWhen selecting goods on eBay platform, product comments will affect consumers' final purchaseTherefore, it is crucial for sellers to maintain their comments when conducting business.


PacklinkAlso studiedeBaystayBest selling product in Italy. It is reported that clothing is the most commonAbout 57% of consumers have bought clothes on eBay. In the second place is electronic equipment. 57% of consumers like to buy electronic products on eBay. 52% of Italian consumers have bought books and video games on eBay.


In addition, sustainable products are also a hot trend in the development of e-commerce this year. In Italy, consumers will also pay close attention to the impact of the products they buy on the environment when shopping. Therefore, when producing products, sellers can take environmental protection as a consideration, so as to better meet the shopping needs of consumers.

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