The sustainability of delivery has become a more concerned issue for online shoppers


Source: ennews

According to the survey report of IPC cross-border e-commerce shoppers in 2021, 44% of global e-commerce consumers said that they had changed their online shopping behavior due to their concerns about sustainable development.


Among them, there are49% of participants said that they hoped that cross-border parcels would be carbon neutral70% of consumers said they wanted the packaging materials to be recyclable, 65% wanted the packaging to be reusable, and 50% wanted the packaging to be biodegradable. More than halfPeople ofThey said they want e-retailers to provide clear information,As inHow to recycle packaging in online shoppingetc.


Amazon, AliExpress andEBay and other e-commerce companiesThe platform is the world's largest electronicbusiness affairsPlatform, onOnline shoppingConsumers ofAmazon accounts for26%, quick buy 19%, eBay 10%.


stayBetween 2019 and 2021, both Wish and eBay lost considerable cross-border market share,butAmazon's market share in several countriesbutIncreased. Amazon in Luxembourg(59%), Austria (54%) and India (51%) are the most popular, while AliExpress is the most popular in Russia (74%), Lithuania (51%) and Poland (43%). In contrast, eBay has the highest proportion of buyers in Australia (33%), the United Kingdom (28%) and Croatia (24%).


According to the survey,In the epidemic environment, consumers have always maintained regular online shopping,22% of consumers buy online at least once a week. Overall79% of consumers tend to buy online once a month, continuing the trend that e-commerce has become the preferred shopping method.


The data shows that consumers have a strong interest in deliveryOverall comparisonSatisfied, butSome willReturn to cross-borderPackage. staySurvey participantsyesonline shoppingAt an acceptable time,17% of consumers thinktworeach3 dayshave16 %Of consumers thinkfourreach5 days. Compared with 2020, the delivery speed in 2021 will be improved.


have46% of respondents said they were very satisfied with the delivery speed of the package.however2021Return rate of e-commerce shopping goodsalsoUp to14%, of which consumers in the United States (27%), Australia (25%) and the United Kingdom (24%) returned the most.

Sometimes, the speed of package transportation may even become an important factor affecting consumers' shopping. I hope sellers can pay attention to such issues.

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