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Introduction:? In early 2020, the sudden COVID-19 quickly swept across the country. Under strict control measures, social media became the main channel for isolated people to understand government decrees and epidemic dynamics, and the social value of social media was also highlighted and amplified in the process of the epidemic.

The sudden COVID-19 in early 2020 quickly swept across the country. Under strict control measures,Social mediaThe social value of social media has also been highlighted and magnified in the process of the epidemic.

Against this background, iResearch recently released the Analysis Report on the Value of Social Media in China under the Epidemic Situation in 2020 (hereinafter referred to as the Report). The report focuses on China's social media under the epidemic, explains its social communication value from three dimensions of products, head accounts and users, and forecasts the future development trend of social media.

1、 Social media platforms show their magic power and jointly help the whole people fight against the epidemic

During the epidemic, social media is an important tool for residents to understand government decrees and the progress of the epidemic. IResearch UserTracker monitoring data display, long videosocial networksIn January and February, when the domestic epidemic situation was concentrated, the effective use time of single computers in social networking sites ushered in a new growth peak.

The report pointed out that social media played various roles in different stages of the epidemic. At the initial stage of the epidemic, social media quickly gathered and widely distributed the latest news and relevant decrees of the epidemic, playing a role of science popularization and warning; In the medium term, we will actively mobilize social forces to help our compatriots in the severely affected areas, and supervise the whole process of epidemic prevention; In the later period, the domestic situation was stable. After the outbreak of the epidemic abroad, social media ensured the smooth flow of information at home and abroad, creating conditions for improving domestic protection vigilance.

During the epidemic, China's major social media platforms made rapid response, and each platform actively introduced corresponding measures according to its own attributes, content style and audience characteristics, demonstrating different media communication values in terms of openness, transparency, authenticity and rapid dissemination of information.

Cross border e-commerce platform iResearch: social media helps the whole people fight against epidemic, highlighting social value

Among themmicro-blogIt is the only square type social media in China at present, and this unique open feature gives space for hot topics to ignite, enabling microblogging to achieve rapid gathering and distribution of information through a variety of topic sections during the epidemic. At the same time, with the help of microblogging's powerful head account, it reaches a wide range of user groups, and provides dynamic release of new policies, rescue of pneumonia patients, allocation of social materials The promotion of public welfare projects and the elimination of epidemic rumors have played a great role.

2、 Microblog: unique communication advantages, great social value

Taking microblogging as an example, the report provides insight into the social value of social media under the epidemic. The unique product attributes, rich head accounts and a wide range of user groups of microblog have jointly achieved the natural communication advantages of microblog.

Seagoing Information iResearch: Social media helps the whole people fight the epidemic, highlighting social value

On the product side, the content and functional characteristics of microblog make it the center of public issues and the best social media in China. In terms of content, microblogging is constantly optimized and iterated based on user needs, including text, pictures, short videos, live broadcasts and other forms of expression. At the same time, hot search, popular microblog and other functions have outstanding advantages in the mining and diffusion of public topics, and the interactive mode of "turn, like, and comment" establishes the foundation for decentralized social relations fission communication.

staySinaIn the relatively complete content field product matrix, the production and distribution of microblog content and the content production and aggregation capabilities of Sina News, Sina Sports, Sina Finance and other products complement each other, jointly creating a communication loop of information production, so as to achieve full coverage of public sentiment and professional authoritative content during the epidemic.

E-commerce platform iResearch: social media helps the whole people fight the epidemic and highlights social value

From the perspective of the head account, the product characteristics of microblog are of great significance to the government's openness of government affairs, online public opinion supervision and public opinion feedback. The plaza like social nature provides good conditions for the development of KOL and the accumulation of fans. Especially in the vertical field, years of accumulation has precipitated a large number of high-quality content producers and interested audiences. During the epidemic, government agencies were able to communicate with the people instantly and directly. Official media, celebrities and other accounts actively helped the rapid spread of important information. Top popular science celebrities and local popular science accounts at all levels communicated scientific anti epidemic information by means of short videos, pictures and texts.

E-commerce platform iResearch: social media helps the whole people fight the epidemic and highlights social value

In terms of users, microblogging, as an all media platform, fully meets the content release and consumption needs of users, covering a wide range of user groups. Data shows that microblogging has increased its number of users in the sinking market during the epidemic, and its user structure has become more diversified, providing a high-quality basis for the wide dissemination of information.

In combination with the special background of the COVID-19, the report later specifically stated that, based on its natural communication advantages, the social value of microblog was reflected in many aspects, such as public opinion fermentation, event recording, power gathering, rumor smashing, etc.

onePublic opinion fermentation:The important information was quickly collected and distributed, the patient's voice for help was amplified, and the anti epidemic experience was spread

During the epidemic, microblogging opened up a number of epidemic topic areas and became an important information distribution center. At the same time, with the help of hot search sections, users can be reached quickly and important information can be distributed. Especially in the special area of pneumonia patient assistance, the patient help information that has been reviewed and released has received extensive attention through the forwarding of a large number of users, so as to get the corresponding assistance faster. At the same time, users who have successfully fought the epidemic can also share their experience with more people through the hyperphone section.

Cross border sea going iResearch: social media helps the whole people fight the epidemic and highlights social value

twoEvent record: Record type hypertalk actively guides positive energy transmission

During the epidemic, many recording topics set up by microblog made outstanding contributions to positive energy transmission and improvement of anti epidemic confidence. Through the real record and warm interaction under the topic, people's anxiety during the epidemic was mitigated, false information was quickly eliminated, and positive information and emotions were continuously transmitted and amplified, thus having a positive impact on the national fight against the epidemic.

Cross border e-commerce logistics iResearch: social media helps the whole people fight the epidemic, highlighting social value

threePower gathering: Invest in and promote various public welfare activities based on communication influence

During the epidemic, microblogging has a huge resource input and influence in public welfare. On the one hand, Weibo focuses on the needs of front-line personnel, sets up a number of public welfare projects and actively invests in financial support to mobilize the public to participate in donations. On the other hand, because of its open platform attribute, Weibo has become the best channel for targeted donations and information publicity, so as to ensure the rational allocation and use of materials.

Sailing to Airy: Social media helps the whole people fight the epidemic, highlighting social value

fourRumor shattering: Quickly dispel rumors, block the spread, and purify the public opinion environment of the epidemic

The social value of microblogging as a social media is also reflected in rumors smashing. On the microblog platform, rumors can also be spread with the spread advantage of microblog, which increases the difficulty of governance. During the epidemic, it is particularly easy to disrupt the development of anti epidemic work and people's normal life. In terms of microblog, microblog rumor dispelling account is the core of the matrix, and at the same time, the network police of all provinces and cities are linked to patrol law enforcement accounts and relevant official popular science accounts to quickly dispel rumors and block the spread, and an epidemic rumor list is set up to quickly clarify rumors, maintaining a good public opinion environment during the epidemic.

Cross border e-commerce platform iResearch: social media helps the whole people fight against epidemic, highlighting social value

3、 The future of social media: continue to improve the social ecology and give full play to social and commercial value

On the whole, social media has gradually developed into an important component and supplement of social governance, playing a unique role in repairing the social supervision chain. Compared with traditional media, social media has high communication efficiency and covers a wide range of people. At the same time, it has become an important bridge between the masses and the government due to its two-way communication attribute. This epidemic has further deepened this trend.

The core of the future social media ecology construction will be the strengthening of the social chain and the broken circle propagation of the content. At the same time, the traffic value of social media needs to be further explored and amplified. Relying on its own traffic resources, social media can cooperate with other institutions in various aspects, including content, short video live broadcast, technology and commercialization, so as to achieve mutual empowerment and create greater value.

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