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Introduction:The application of technology in the recruitment industry is also highlighted at different stages of recruitment, mainly including AI interview, video interview, etc. This industry observation starts from the perspective of technology application of the recruitment platform and shares the application of technology in the current recruitment platform.


From the mid-1960s to today, human history has experienced four industrial revolutions. The era of replacing hand tools with machines marked the beginning of the first industrial revolution; The application of electronics such as telegraph and generator marks that mankind has moved from the "steam age" to the "electrical age"; Major breakthroughs in atomic energy, computers, aerospace technology and other fields marked the arrival of a new scientific and technological revolution; Driven by historical development, technological development is constantly upgrading. The development of a series of technologies, such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and digital manufacturing, has pushed the fourth industrial revolution to an intelligent climax. At this moment, we are in an intelligent era.

In the past few years,big dataThe technology has made great progress, AI technology is also rising and maturing, and the development of all industries shows the integration with technology. The application of technology has effectively improved the efficiency of the industry, leaving enough time for creating more value. The application of technology in the recruitment industry is also highlighted at different stages of recruitment, mainly including AI interview, video interview, etc. This industry observation starts from the perspective of technology application of the recruitment platform and shares the application of technology in the current recruitment platform.

IRecruitment industry development drives technological innovation

The development of recruitment industry follows closelyinternetThe pace of development. From the perspective of the changes in recruitment channels, the recruitment platform has experienced a transition from offline newspaper recruitment to PC online recruitment, and then toIntelligent mobile phoneAt present, the mainstream recruitment channel is still the parallel of PC end and mobile end, and the position of mobile end is becoming increasingly prominent. In the past five years, the technology application of the recruitment platform has shown a trend of rapid development. From the initial exploration of AI, big data and other technologies to the gradual maturity of application in all aspects of recruitment, the technology plus recruitment platform makes the recruitment platform more scientific and effective in the degree of person post matching. From the perspective of recruitment form, the recruitment platform is based on the application of advanced media such as short videos and live broadcasts, which makes the recruitment channels more diverse and interesting. In addition to attracting more employers and job seekers, the most fundamental purpose is to improve the matching between enterprises and talents and improve the efficiency of recruitment. In addition, the sudden COVID-19 in 2020 forced enterprises to carry out online recruitment, accelerated the development of online interview and other functions of the recruitment platform, thus advancing the technical advancement of the recruitment platform. Driven by various internal and external factors, this has laid a favorable foundation for the technical deepening of the recruitment platform in the future.

IResearch, an e-commerce platform: a new mode of technology enabled recruitment - "beyond duty season" observation · technology

IITechnological innovation practice of recruitment platform under the epidemic situation

In 2020, affected by the COVID-19, the General Office of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued a notice in February, requiring the public recruitment of public institutions in all regions to be changed to online organization or postponed during the epidemic prevention and control period, and the offline on-site registration, written examination and interview activities were suspended to reduce the risk of cross infection of personnel gathering. On the basis of this notice, the recruitment interview of enterprise employers has also been transferred from offline to online. Taking this opportunity, the recruitment platform has accelerated its own technical construction and product layout. Each major recruitment platform has successively launched recruitment products in the form of featured video interview, live interview, AI interview, etc., such as58 LocalA large online activity focusing on video interview was launched, which continued to cover the epidemic period and post epidemic period, attracting a large number of enterprises and job seekers. The enabling of technology to recruitment activities has broken through the physical space restrictions such as regions, met the interview needs during the epidemic, helped job seekers to have zero contact interviews, helped enterprise employers to improve the interview efficiency, and accelerated the transformation of recruitment effects.

Technology driven recruitment process automation to improve recruitment efficiency

With the continuous development and improvement of artificial intelligence and big data technology, its application in online recruitment has gradually deepened. AI technology has penetrated into the bottom logic of recruitment. Machine learning, semantic analysis, algorithms and other technologies have gone deep into each stage of recruitment and played an important role, which has greatly helped each role in the recruitment industry chain. First, personnel post matching. AI's help to job seekers is reflected in that AI accurately analyzes the target positions of job seekers through the dialogue information and delivery behavior with job seekers, so as to recommend relevant information for job seekers to choose. AI's help to employers is reflected in the reprocessing of published job descriptions and the screening of suitable candidates in the platform library according to job requirements. Second, talent evaluation. AI technology combines psychology and other disciplines to evaluate enterprise candidates through interactive games, reducing human bias and making them more fair and just. Third, induction management. AI can provide personalized programs for later employee training through the employee induction information recorded by HR, such as arranging courses and determining the best schedule to adapt to the personal characteristics of all employees. AI technology greatly improves the recruitment efficiency, helps recruiters save more time and costs, improves the matching success rate, and promotes talent diversification. At the same time, AI will not replace manual recruitment, but help recruiters improve the processing efficiency of process links, so that they can focus more on more accurate recruitment.

Abroad iResearch: a new mode of technology enabled recruitment - "beyond duty season" observation · technology

The use of new technology increases the interest and interaction of recruitment

Due to the fragmentation and entertainment of short videos, as well as the interactivity and drive of live broadcasting, it can effectively increase user stickiness and tap customer value. Almost all industries want to use this new media outlet to promote their own industry development again. According to the research conducted by iResearch on enterprises, live broadcast and short video are well known and accepted by the broad audience, and enterprises will adjust their marketing strategies according to the preferences of user groups. The recruitment platform also actively absorbs short videos, live broadcasts and other forms to increase the fun and interactivity of recruitment, attract job seekers to participate, change the stereotyped style of online delivery, and expand diversified recruitment channels.

At this stage, the application of short videos in the recruitment process is mainly reflected in the display of the corporate employer image and the personal image of job seekers, and the preliminary investigation of job seekers' interview ability through interaction. Live broadcast and video are mainly used in the interview link. Through online remote interview, in-depth communication with job seekers has more reasonable and flexible control over the interview rhythm of enterprise employers and job seekers, and improved the recruitment efficiency.

Seagoing Information iResearch: a new mode of technology enabled recruitment - "beyond duty season" observation - technology

High growth of enterprises applying innovative recruitment technology

Driven by the epidemic in 2020, the recruitment platform has launched video interview, AI interview and other functions. Enterprise employers also actively participate, hoping to obtain talents through multiple channels.

Taking video interview technology as an example, the number of enterprises using video interview services is increasing. According to the data provided by 58 local recruitment research institute, since 58 local launched video interview service in early 2019, the number of enterprises using video interview technology has increased significantly. As of March 2020, the proportion of video interview enterprises has fluctuated. Although the proportion of video interview enterprises has experienced a cyclical decline due to the Spring Festival holiday around January 2020, it is affected by the epidemic, The demand for non-contact interview between enterprises and job seekers grew rapidly, and the number of enterprises using this technology still rose to a historical peak in March.

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At the same time, according to the data of 58 Intra city Recruitment Research Institute, the number of enterprises using AI interview services and the number of job information released have more than doubled from June to July 2020. At present, enterprises are only trying to provide AI interview services. The further application of AI in the future can solve more problems in recruitment efficiency for employers and job seekers, and constantly develop more convenient and efficient recruitment services.

Cross border e-commerce logistics iResearch: a new mode of technology enabled recruitment - "beyond duty season" observation · technology

At present, in addition to the traditional interview, the online recruitment industry also introduces innovative tools such as online evaluation to investigate the characteristics of job seekers such as collaboration ability, personality preferences, and comprehensively understand candidates. With such innovative recruitment products as the carrier, enterprises can reach a wider group of talents in a relatively short time, and more effectively connect employers and job seekers.

IIIIn the future, the technology application in the recruitment field will be more mature, and all platforms will jointly lead the development of the industry

The core logic of the recruitment platform is to help enterprise employers and job seekers make accurate job matching. The main mode is that enterprises publish job information on the recruitment platform, and job seekers send their resumes. However, the Internet era is an era of rapid development and rapid iteration of models. Many recruitment platforms will use technology to develop more forms of recruitment based on the core recruitment logic, such as creating a new interaction mode between employers and job seekers, such as using AI to create intelligent chat machines to communicate with job seekers.

In order to solve the pain points of recruitment methods and efficiency, the recruitment platform can focus on technology and constantly innovate recruitment methods. For example, before recruitment, job seekers are encouraged to enrich their resumes in the form of short videos; In recruitment, the evaluation of candidate characteristics is accelerated through live broadcast, VR, social interaction and other ways to improve recruitment efficiency; After recruitment, use AI technology to evaluate the ability of job seekers and give feedback to enterprises. This series of technology applications does not replace the core position of HR in recruitment, but frees HR from repetitive screening work, leaving more energy to create more value for enterprise talent recruitment and training.

Cross border e-commerce logistics iResearch: a new mode of technology enabled recruitment - "beyond duty season" observation · technology

There are still pain points in the recruitment industry in terms of precise matching of people and posts, improvement of recruitment efficiency, job seekers' job search feedback, etc. The purpose of technology application is to promote the reform of the recruitment industry, accurately identify the matching of people and posts, improve recruitment efficiency, personalized job search feedback, etc. Although the application of technology in the recruitment industry is at an immature stage, it can be predicted that the major recruitment platforms will fully embrace AI, big data Blockchain and other technologies will create a benchmark platform for the recruitment industry in a new era, form a new competitive pattern, and jointly lead the development of the industry. Solving the problem of matching efficiency in the recruitment industry will become the common goal of all platforms.

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