China Daily | The export of Beijing's animation and game industry is still strong this year; IMF forecasts that South Korea's economic growth will be 4.3% and 3.3% this year and next


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Globalization of Chinese companies

This year, the total output value of Beijing's animation and game industry exceeded 120 billion yuan, and the game export remained strong.According to the report of the Associated Press of Finance and Economics, according to the statistics of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and the Beijing Animation and Game Industry Association, the total output value of Beijing's animation and game industry will reach 120.309 billion yuan in 2021, accounting for 23.7% of the national animation and game output value; Compared with 106.3 billion yuan in 2020, the growth rate is about 11.64%, slowing down. In 2021, the export output value of Beijing animation and game enterprises will increase significantly, reaching about 57.533 billion yuan, an increase of about 27.12% compared with 45.929 billion yuan in 2020. The output value of animation and animation derivatives has grown rapidly.

"Weisi Technology", a vertical industry RPA manufacturer, received angel round financing of RMB 10 million.36 Krypton learned that recently, Weisi Technology, an RPA manufacturer focusing on cross-border fields, announced that it had completed angel round financing of RMB 10 million. This round of financing is led by Yuanjing Capital and followed by Liangcang Fund. It is reported that this round of funds will be mainly used for R&D of digital intelligent products such as RPA and AI and market development in cross-border fields.

Southeast Asia

Kopi Kenangan completed round C financing of USD 96 million.According to the investment circles, Tybourne Capital Management led the investment in this round of financing, Falcon Edge Capital co invested, and the old shareholders Kunlun Capital, Weigang Investment and B Capital made additional investments. After financing, the company's valuation exceeded 1 billion dollars. In Indonesia's local market, Kopi Kenangan It has developed into a multi brand catering group. Its brands include Kopi Kenangan, a coffee chain, Cerita Roti, Chigo, a fried chicken brand, and Kenangan Manis, a soft cookie brand.

Vietnam's first domestic pure electric vehicle began to be delivered, obtaining a pre order for more than 25000 vehicles.According to the Nikkei Chinese website, VinFast, a subsidiary of Vingroup, a Vietnamese comprehensive enterprise, announced the sale of the first domestic pure electric vehicle (EV) in Vietnam. The selling price of the SUV pure electric vehicle on the market is 690 million Vietnamese dong (about 194000 yuan), and the longest driving distance when fully charged is about 300 kilometers. It is planned to deliver about 100 vehicles to customers in December and about 2000 vehicles in January 2022. It is said that during the advance booking period, more than 25000 vehicles were received.


India's digital bank Jupiter received US $87 million in financing.According to Inc42, this round of financing is led by Tiger Global, with QED Investors, Sequoia India, Matrix Partners, BEENEXT, etc. participating. It is reported that this round of financing is part of Jupiter's $100 million round C financing, and the remaining $13 million may be raised through secondary sales. Jupiter launched its beta version in June this year and has accumulated nearly one million users.

Indian e-commerce brand aggregation startup Mensa Brands acquired Indian cowboy brand High Star.According to Inc42, earlier this month, Mensa Brands Acquired LilPicks, an Indian children's wear brand. The acquisition is part of a series of brand acquisitions by Mensa Brands. Mensa Brands focuses on acquiring the D2C brand and helping them expand in the Indian market and overseas. It is reported that Mensa Brands completed round B financing of $135 million in November this year, and the company's valuation exceeded $1 billion.

Europe and America

Panasonic is building a new park near the Tesla Nevada super factory, which will be put into operation next spring.According to TechWeb, a Tesla battery supplier and Panasonic, which has several batteries in its Nevada super factory, are building a new park near the Nevada super factory, which is planned to be put into operation next spring. According to the news on the official website of Panasonic, the buildings of Panasonic North America New Park are not newly built, but renovated from the buildings owned by Industrial Realty Group, an industrial real estate investor, and the time required for the construction of the new park will be significantly shortened. The new park after completion belongs to Panasonic Energy North America Company, which is a branch of Panasonic North America Company.

Apple may switch to de physical SIM cards from next year.According to TechWeb, citing foreign media, an analyst predicted last week that Apple might try to launch iPhones without physical SIM cards in some countries and regions, using eSIM technology, starting with iPhone 15 Pro. The latest news shows that the transformation may be advanced. At present, Apple has suggested that several major operators in the United States prepare for the release of smart phones that only support eSIM in September 2022. It is said that some American operators will start to provide the iPhone 13 model without SIM card slot in the second quarter of 2022. Users can activate the network through eSIM, just open the iPhone, connect to the Wi Fi network, and follow the instructions.

Australia and New Zealand

In 2021, the level of trading activities in Australia's equity capital market (ECM) will reach a record high.According to ACB News, data from Delinitiv shows that in 2021, the number of shares issued by Australian companies will reach more than 1000, surpassing the record set in 2020. As of December 22 this year, the total amount of capital raised by Australian companies has reached 41 billion US dollars, an increase of 14.4% over the previous year, the highest level since 2015. The total amount of IPO raised was 8.3 billion US dollars, up 148.9% over the previous year, the highest level since 2014. The largest IPO was the Australian Real Estate Exchange (ASX: PXA) listed in the middle of the year, with an initial amount of US $889 million.

The Australian government provided a policy subsidy of AUD 100 million to accelerate the research and development of large-scale battery energy storage technology.According to ACB News, the Australian government has increased financial support and focused on the development of large-scale battery energy storage technology to ensure the sustainable provision of reliable and affordable power supply for residents and industry. The Ministry of Industry of Australia recently announced that it will provide a policy subsidy of 100 million Australian dollars (about 72 million US dollars) to new large-scale battery energy storage projects of 70 MW and above through the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA). This fund will support at least three projects in the future, each of which can receive a subsidy of up to A $35 million. All battery energy storage technology projects using advanced inverters can apply.


The IMF forecasts that South Korea's economic growth will be 4.3% and 3.3% this year and next.According to the CCTV Finance and Economics Report, recently, the International Monetary Fund released the World Economic Outlook Report, which predicted that South Korea's gross domestic product (GDP) this year will reach 1.82 trillion US dollars (about 11.6 trillion yuan) and next year will be 1.91 trillion US dollars (about 1.22 trillion yuan), that is, South Korea's economic growth this year and next will be 4.3% and 3.3% respectively. In 2005, 2018 and 2020, the GDP of South Korea ranked the tenth in the world, and in other years, it has been ranked outside the top ten. If the IMF's expectations are fulfilled, South Korea will maintain its 10th position for three consecutive years from last year to next year.

Hyundai Motor is reported to have shelved the Genesis hydrogen vehicle project and substantially reduced the size of its fuel cell sector.Bloomberg quoted Korea Daily as reporting that Hyundai Motor Group has suspended the development of Genesis hydrogen energy vehicle project, which was committed to launching in 2025. After internal research and judgment, Hyundai found that the plan was impractical and substantially reduced the size of the fuel cell sector in November. Hyundai had planned to reduce the price of fuel cells by more than 50% by 2025.

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