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Globalization of Chinese companies

Geely cooperates with Waymo to develop driverless taxis.According to Sina Technology, Geely's auto brand Zeekr will cooperate with Google's automatic driving department Waymo to develop driverless taxis in the United States. The car was designed and developed by Krypton Sweden factory, and then integrated Waymo driverless technology. Waymo has promoted driverless taxi service in the United States. It is reported that the service was launched in Phoenix about a year ago and has provided services for thousands of people so far. The cooperation with Krypton will help Waymo expand its driverless taxi service and create conditions for Geely to enter the American market.

Consumer robot brand "ROBOSEN" completed nearly 100 million USD round B and round B+financing.36 Krypton learned that recently, the consumer robot brand "ROBOSEN" (Le Sen) completed the B+round of financing, led by Yunbai Capital, followed by Yinshengtai Capital and Lightspeed China, and investors in the B+round, including Sequoia Capital, Early Japanese Capital, Gengxin Capital, also continued to pursue investment in the B+round of financing, and Gengxin Capital acted as the long-term exclusive financial adviser. It is reported that Le Sen completed the second round of financing in June this year, with a total amount of nearly US $100 million. It is reported that after the completion of this round of financing, the company will continue to cooperate with IP in depth, define diversified forms of products, and expand the recruitment of various talents worldwide.

Southeast Asia

Malaysia's AirAsia cancelled its US $10 million acquisition of Gojek's Thai business.According to Tech in Asia, AirAisa Digital, the digital business of AirAsia Group, recently cancelled the acquisition of Velox Fintech, a business owned by Gojek in Thailand. The reason has not been disclosed in the company's documents. On July 7 this year, Air Asia announced that it planned to acquire Gojek's Thai business for a total of 50 million US dollars, to accelerate the expansion of Air Asia Super App in ASEAN, and will also enable Gojek to increase its investment in its Vietnam and Singapore businesses.

Tokopedia will own 8.5% of PT Net Visi Media, an Indonesian media company.According to Tech in Asia, Tokopedia will own 8.5% of PT Net Visi Media, which operates local TV station Net TV. PT Net Visi Media will be listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange on January 25, 2022. In November 2017, PT Net Visi Media and Tokopedia reached an agreement to transfer the convertible bonds worth 405 billion rupiah (about 28.5 million US dollars) to Tokopedia. According to the agreement, the debt to equity swap will be executed simultaneously with the IPO of PT Net Visi Media. PT Net Visi Media has several subsidiaries in the media business, but 95% of its revenue still comes from Net TV.


Indian e-commerce brand aggregation startup GlobalBees received financing of 110 million dollars.According to The Economic Times, this round of financing is led by Premji Invest, followed by Softbank, Steadview Capital and FirstCry. After this round of financing, the company's valuation rose to $1.1 billion, making it one of the unicorns. GlobalBees plans to use the new funds to further improve its product portfolio and product innovation, improve customer experience, recruit talents and expand the company. It is reported that GlobalBees focuses on acquiring e-commerce brands in the fields of beauty, personal care, home furnishing, food and health care.

Flipkart's option pool amounted to $2.3 billion.According to The Economic Times, the total stock value of Flipkart's option pool has reached 170 billion rupees (about US $2.27 billion) so far. It is reported that this year is a record year for Indian start-ups to implement employee stock ownership plans. From July 2020 to November this year, nearly 40 Indian start-ups repurchased 32 billion rupees (about $428 million) worth of shares for employee stock ownership plans.

Europe and America

Rivian announced a delay in the delivery of high-capacity power battery models.According to Sina Finance, in an email sent to customers, RJ Scaring, CEO of American electric vehicle manufacturer Rivian, announced that the delivery of electric pickup trucks and SUVs equipped with large capacity power batteries would be postponed to 2023. Scaring introduced that the vast majority of the orders of about 71000 R1T pickup trucks and R1S SUV electric vehicles obtained in the United States and Canada are small capacity battery versions, which can last 505km (314 miles) on a single charge.

Spanish space technology company PLD Space completed a 25 million euro round B financing to expand its rocket launch business.According to EU Startups, Spanish space technology company PLD Space has completed 25 million euros (about US $28.26 million) round B financing. This round of financing is led by Arcano Partners, Aciturri and the Industrial Technology Development Center (CDTI) through the joint investment plan of the Innvierte project, with the participation of former shareholders of the company. Founded in 2011, PLD Space is a leader in the development of reusable rockets in Europe.

Australia and New Zealand

Magnis, an Australian lithium battery manufacturer, started semi automated production in New York.According to 61 Financial, Magnis, an Australian lithium battery manufacturer, announced on Wednesday that it has started semi automatic production in iM3NY battery factory. The plant is located in New York and is expected to reach 1.8 GWh from the first half of 2022. Magnis Energy Technologies Ltd was formerly an Australian graphite producer, Magnis Resources Limited. Since November 5, 2018, the company has completed the renaming and rapidly switched to battery technology, and plans to become one of the largest lithium ion battery manufacturers in the world.

Australian software service company Whispir signed a three-year cooperation agreement with SingTel.According to 61 Financial, Australian software service company Whispir announced on Wednesday that it has signed a three-year cooperation agreement with SingTel to provide SingTel with business communication system optimization services. Whispir pointed out that its workflow platform solutions have enhanced the application push, e-mail, voice, WhatsApp and multimedia messaging functions.


Toyota, Mazda and other Japanese car enterprises will equip major models with automatic driving technology in 2022.According to the Nikkei report, Japanese car enterprises, including Toyota and Mazda, will equip their main models with automatic driving technology by 2022. These car enterprises will install Level 2 and above functions, such as automatic driving, which is still mainly operated by the driver on the highway. Yano Research Institute was quoted as saying that by 2030, 62% of autonomous vehicle will be equipped with Level 2.

Organization: The global IC OEM sales volume is expected to exceed 95 billion dollars in 2021, and it is expected to increase by 15% in 2022.The research institute estimates that the global wafer foundry industry sales will reach 95.2 billion US dollars in 2021, an annual increase of nearly 26%. However, the chip supply and demand will still be difficult to balance in 2022. With the medium and long-term applications such as 5G, the demand for wafer foundry will remain stable, which will increase the annual sales by 15%.

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