China Corporate Globalization Weekly | General Administration of Customs: From January to November, the scale of Sino Russian trade exceeded that of last year; Reddit submits IPO application


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Major events of globalization of Chinese companies worth paying attention to this week

General Administration of Customs: From January to November, the scale of Sino Russian trade exceeded that of last year.According to the Securities Times, the General Administration of Customs said that from January to November this year, the total value of bilateral trade between China and Russia was 843.41 billion yuan, more than that in 2020, with a year-on-year growth of 24%. Among them, the export to Russia was 384.49 billion yuan, up 21.9%; Imports from Russia reached 458.92 billion yuan, up 25.9%.

In November, the overseas income of the mobile terminal of "Genshin Impact" in Miha Tour increased by 60.5% month on month.36 Krypton learned that the latest data from the Sensor Tower store intelligence platform showed that due to the new character activity prayer update at the beginning of November, and the launch of version 2.3 at the end of the month, the mobile terminal overseas revenue of the current Miha Tour Genshin Impact increased by 60.5% month on month, returning to the top of the mobile tour revenue list.

Xiaoma Zhixing took the initiative to suspend the test of all unmanned vehicles in California.According to Sina Technology, Pony. ai does not appear in the list of all unmanned automatic driving road test licenses issued by California Traffic Management Bureau (DMV). Xiaoma Zhixing said, "Xiaoma Zhixing has always adhered to the principle of safety first. Previously, Xiaoma Zhixing unmanned test vehicle had a slight collision during its daily test in California, the United States, with no injuries and no other vehicles involved. After the accident, Xiaoma Zhixing immediately carried out a re investigation of the incident and took the initiative to stop the unmanned test of automatic driving in California. At the same time, Xiaoma Zhixing immediately reported to the California DMV, It is still in close communication and cooperation. "

Alibaba Cloud's IaaS infrastructure capacity has won the first place in the world.According to Sina Finance and Economics, the latest report released by Gartner, a market research agency, shows that Alibaba Cloud's IaaS infrastructure capability has won the first place in the world, and has scored the highest scores in the four core ratings of computing, storage, network and security. This is the first time that China Cloud has surpassed international manufacturers such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google.

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When the traditional purchase volume competition intensifies, the launch restrictions become more and more detailed, and the platform launch becomes intelligent, Influencer Marketing provides another choice for brands to reach consumers. The Global Star team believes that with the help of online celebrity marketing, Chinese overseas brands can directly communicate with overseas consumers in a more localized way to improve brand influence. What can Global Star learn from its marketing experience in North America?

Global Star's North American marketing experience when overseas brands are popular on the Internet

Due to security concerns, insufficient infrastructure, lack of exit mechanism and other reasons, Pakistan, which was not favored by investors in the past, is also a market with a large population and huge potential. Recently, Bookme, Pakistan's largest tourism ticketing platform, and Bagallery, a beauty and fashion company, announced the completion of round A financing of US $7.5 million and US $4.5 million, respectively. The completion of these two rounds of financing means that the financing of Pakistan's start-up enterprises has exceeded US $300 million within the year, higher than the sum of the past six years. Perhaps in the near future, the first local unicorn enterprise will be born in "potential stock" Pakistan.

Pakistan ushers in the spring of entrepreneurship? Financing of start-ups in the year exceeded the total of the last six years

Global New Economic Events

Reddit, the US retail capital, submitted its IPO application.According to Sina Finance, Reddit, a social media company known as the "home of American retail investors" and owning well-known forums such as WallStreetBets, announced on Wednesday that it had secretly submitted a draft registration statement to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for listing. The company did not disclose this document, nor did it disclose the size and target range of the planned IPO. The company's latest round of financing was in August this year, with a financing scale of $700 million and a company valuation of more than $10 billion.

Canada's inflation rate hit a 30 year high in November.According to CCTV News, the statistics released by Statistics Canada on December 15 local time showed that the Canadian consumer price index in November increased by 4.7% over the same period of the previous year, the same growth rate as that in October and the highest in 18 years. However, in the second decimal place, the inflation rate of 4.72% is the highest since September 1991, a new high for 30 years. All eight major components of the consumer price index are rising. Since April, the inflation rate has exceeded the Bank of Canada's target range of 1% to 3%.

Intel confirmed that it will invest nearly 7.1 billion dollars in Malaysia to build new advanced packaging facilities. According to the interface report, Intel CEO said that the company would invest 30 billion ringgit (about 7.1 billion US dollars) in Malaysia within ten years to build new assembly and testing facilities. Kissinger said that the advanced packaging facility in Malaysia is expected to start production in 2024.

Samsung Electronics officially established a robot business team.According to Tech Web, Samsung Electronics recently set up a robot business team, which plans to increase investment and actively promote the commercialization of household robots. Samsung Electronics upgraded a robot commercialization working group to an official organization and named it the robot business team, which has been an unofficial unit before. This working group has previously promoted two robot projects, namely, the nursing service robot Samsung Bot Care and the home service robot Samsung Bot Handy. Samsung Electronics is expected to actively invest in the robot field and promote mergers and acquisitions.

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Globalization Weekly Report of China Shipping Companies | General Administration of Customs: From January to November, the scale of Sino Russian trade exceeded that of last year; Reddit submits IPO application

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