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Globalization of Chinese companies

Blue cursor: its American Bluemark Investment plans to establish a partnership with NPG.36 Krypton learned that BlueFocus announced that BCGOA Investment LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary, and NPG, a professional investment institution, planned to establish Newport Blue Impact, LP to invest in fixed income projects developed by NPG and other private equity investment opportunities. Among them, American Blue Label Investment contributed no more than US $75 million with its own capital, and held 50% of the shares of the partnership as a limited partner. BlueFocus Communication Group of America, Inc Subsidiary, BlueFocus Communication Group of America, Inc It belongs to Bluecursor International Communication Group Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Bluecursor.

TikTok will adjust the algorithm to avoid harm to users caused by repeated recommendations of negative content.According to the interface report, TikTok announced on its official website that it would adjust the recommendation algorithm to avoid showing users too much homogeneous content. TikTok said that repeated recommendation of certain types of videos may unintentionally enhance users' negative experience, such as extreme weight loss, sad content or breakup. It's OK to view these contents separately, but if you view them in batches, problems will occur.

Southeast Asia

Indonesia launched the "Quasi Unicorn" fund.According to e27, the Indonesian President announced the official launch of the Merah Putih Fund, which focuses on investing in "quasi unicorns" (companies that will soon become unicorns). It is reported that in order to obtain financing, the company must be founded by Indonesian nationals, operate in China, have plans to list in China, pay taxes and have a mature financing record, and have a valuation of more than 200 million dollars. Merah Putih Fund is supported by Indonesian state-owned enterprises and plans to raise about 300 million dollars in the first half of 2022. Some of its original investors include Mandiri Capital, BRI Ventures, MDI Ventures and Telkom Mitra Inovasi.

Lazada has an annual active consumer of 130 million, with the goal of achieving a GMV of 100 billion dollars.36 Krypton learned that Lazada's latest data showed that Lazada's annual active consumers had increased by 80% in the past 18 months, reaching 130 million; Monthly active users have also increased by more than 70% to 159 million in the past 18 months. Li Chun, CEO of Lazada Group, said that Lazada would serve 300 million Southeast Asian consumers in the future and achieve an annual growth target of 100 billion USD GMV.


Pristyn Care, an Indian medical technology startup, completed the round E financing of 96 million US dollars.According to The Economic Times, Pristyn Care, an Indian medical technology startup, has received an E-round financing of US $96 million, ranking among the unicorns. Its valuation more than doubled in seven months to $1.4 billion. Investors in this round of financing include Sequoia Capital, Tiger Global, Winter Capital and Trifecta Capital. Pristyn Care will use its new funds to expand to 60-70 cities in India. At present, Pristyn Care operates more than 150 clinics and 700 cooperative hospitals in India.

Indian smart home appliance manufacturer Atomberg Technologies received financing of US $20 million.According to The Economic Times, this round of financing is led by Jungle Ventures, with the participation of Inflexor Ventures, A91 Partners and angel investor Ramakant Sharma. According to the statement, after this round, the total amount of capital raised by the company reached 45 million dollars. It is reported that the new funds will be used to expand R&D, distribution channel scale and brand building.

Europe and America

Reddit, the US retail capital, submitted its IPO application.According to Sina Finance, Reddit, a social media company known as the "home of American retail investors" and owning well-known forums such as WallStreetBets, announced on Wednesday that it had secretly submitted a draft registration statement to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for listing. The company did not disclose this document, nor did it disclose the size and target range of the planned IPO. The company's latest round of financing was in August this year, with a financing scale of $700 million and a company valuation of more than $10 billion.

It is said that the EU will approve Meta's acquisition of Kustone.According to Sina Technology, people familiar with the matter said that after making a series of concessions, Meta (the parent company of Facebook) will obtain approval from the European Union for its acquisition of customer relationship management (CRM) company Kustomer. It is estimated that the total amount of this transaction exceeds 1 billion dollars. In August this year, the European Commission announced an in-depth investigation of the transaction, saying that the transaction might reduce competition in the customer service software market. Previously, this transaction has been approved by the regulatory authorities in the United Kingdom and Australia, and is still subject to approval by the regulatory authorities in the United States and Germany.

Australia and New Zealand

The Australian online education platform Atomi completed a round A financing of 9 million US dollars.According to Startup Business, this round of financing is led by OIF Ventures. Atomi plans to continue its business expansion and team building in the United States and the United Kingdom with new funds. Atomi is an online teaching and learning platform that provides video courses, interactive tests and other services. It is reported that it has been used by hundreds of thousands of students and teachers in Australian and British schools to help educators create more attractive and personalized courses, and has received analytical support to track students' progress and performance. During the COVID-19, the number of customers of Atomi doubled, and the number of new service schools in the past 12 months exceeded the total number of the previous three years.

Healius, an Australian healthcare company, will acquire Agilex, a biological analysis laboratory, for about US $216 million.According to 61 Financial, Healius, a healthcare company, announced on Friday that it had reached an agreement to acquire all the issued capital of Agilex. Agilex is a biological analysis laboratory in Australia, with 25 years of experience in managing biological analysis. The company employs more than 100 scientific professionals in its laboratories in Adelaide and Brisbane to provide comprehensive biological analysis services. The transaction sets Agilex's enterprise value at A $301.3 million (approximately US $216 million).


Deloitte: It is estimated that the investment of global semiconductor start-ups will exceed 6 billion dollars next year.According to the Associated Press of Finance, Deloitte report shows that in order to cope with the shortage of multiple types of chips in 2022, it is estimated that global venture capital institutions will invest more than $6 billion in semiconductor start-ups next year, accounting for about 2% of the total venture capital of more than $300 billion expected in the same period. Lian Xunxiao, the partner in charge of Deloitte's Chinese technology industry, said that a large part of these investments will enter Chinese enterprises. "From 2019 to 2020, the investment in Chinese semiconductor companies will double; in the first half of 2021 alone, global venture capital institutions will invest 3.85 billion dollars in Chinese chip companies."

Samsung Electronics won the order of micro controllers from IBM and STC.According to Sina Science and Technology, IBM and Swiss headquartered Italian French Semiconductor recently chose not to wait for chips manufactured by TSMC, but to hand over the OEM order to Samsung Electronics when the global chip shortage showed no signs of slowing down. In addition, this is the first time that STC has outsourced the production of micro controller units (MCU) required by its main customers. These microcontrollers using the 16 nanometer manufacturing process will be used for Apple's next generation iPhone. Other companies also intend to outsource chip production to Samsung. The source said that AMD is also considering placing a contract order for the CPU to Samsung.

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