What should we do if Amazon Seckill LD always has problems? Can we edit pictures after Seckill is submitted


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What should Amazon Seckill LD do when problems persist in cross-border e-commerce logistics? Can we edit pictures after Seckill submits

Amazon will hold the Seckill activity irregularly to improve the brand awareness and at the same time make the sales reach the peak. This is also the reason why many sellers want to participate in the Seckill. The product can get a lot of traffic quickly, and the conversion rate will also increase, driving the order volume. What should Amazon do if the Seckill LD always has problems? Today we will talk about this problem.

First of all, we need to know that Amazon LD is one of the Seckill. For example, BD and DOTD Seckill belong to Seckill, but they are different. The invitation method is different, and the time of Seckill display is also different.

What is Amazon Seckill LD

LD YesLighting DealThe duration is generally 4 to 6 hours, which may vary slightly depending on the local time difference, such as 4 hours in the United States and 6 hours in Europe.

What to do if Amazon Seckill LD always has problems

Amazon Seckill LD always has problems. As a seller, you can first check the listing page, including products, prices, and all the contents of the listing to see if there is something wrong with the Seckill LD, and then make targeted changes, and then try to submit a plan to see if it can be restored.

1. Word limit

For example, if the number of words of Seckill exceeds the limit, the Seckill product may not be recommended. The title of Seckill must be refined, not sloppy, and the characteristics of the product must be displayed;

2、Price issues

Generally speaking, Amazon's detection is very strict. For example, if Amazon sellers first increase their prices and then discount and promote their products, Amazon may detect that and the products may not be displayed. Therefore, they should discount according to the normal sales of counterfeit goods, not violate Amazon's rules, or Amazon Seckill may not be recommended;

3. Change

If the seller changes the account or listing page before the second kill, it may affect the second kill. The account is in the review status and cannot participate in the second kill. Therefore, the seller should try not to change it before participating in the second kill, unless it is very important.

If the problem is still not resolved, you can contact Amazon customer service to find out the detailed reasons before making changes.

Can I edit pictures after submitting Amazon Seckill

After submitting Amazon Seckill LD, you can no longer edit the picture, so the seller must get the picture ready.

Blue Ocean Yiguan reminds all sellers that products such as those prohibited by Amazon cannot participate in seckilling, such as medical equipment, drugs, alcohol and other products.

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