What information does Amazon KYC need to review, and how many opportunities to upload files


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What materials are needed for the review of Amazon KYC, the e-commerce platform, and there are several opportunities to upload files

Since the registration of Amazon store, the materials submitted by the seller need to be audited. Amazon KYC audit is aimed at the audit of European stations. The mechanism of triggering is different, and the materials provided by the audit are also different. Today, we will take a look at the relevantAmazon KYC reviewThe problem of.

Amazon's KYC audit trigger mechanism is not used. There are generally four types. The first is when the sales are close to 15000 Eurohours; The second is interim audit, including low, medium and high risk; The third is the audit triggered by modifying data, such as collection account number, company information, etc; The fourth is the final review. Amazon reviews the authenticity of all the seller's information to see whether there is relevance. Blueocean Yiguan reminds all sellers that no matter what kind of KYC audit is triggered, sellers should take it seriously and submit accurate information.

What is Amazon KYC audit

KYC YesThe abbreviation of "Know Your Customer" is the condition review and filing of account holders, and is the institutional basis for international anti money laundering and corruption prevention.

What materials are needed for Amazon KYC audit

What materials are needed for the review of the cross-border e-commerce platform Amazon KYC, and there are several opportunities to upload files

What information does Amazon KYC need to review cross-border information, and how many opportunities to upload documents

Notes on Amazon KYC audit

1、When submitting materials, the seller must ensure that the materials are true and accurate, and cannot provide false materials;

2、There are generally three opportunities to upload KYC review files. The seller should be careful. If the submission fails three times, the review will fail;

3、It takes about 3 weeks to upload data, which must not be exceeded. Otherwise, Amazon will manually close the store, which will have a great impact on sellers;

4、The company name shall be in pinyin as far as possible, and the Hong Kong company shall fill in the English name of the registration certificate;

5、The registered address of the company shall not exceed 50 characters, including punctuation and spaces;

6、When submitting the information of the company's shareholders and beneficiaries, be careful to ensure that they are correct;

7、The audit shall provide detailed information according to the classification level, low, medium and high risks;

8、The ID card, account book and passport must be within the validity period.

Amazon KYC audit is generally divided into levels, including low risk, medium risk, and high risk. The seller should submit qualified materials according to its level, and the submitted materials must be authentic to ensure rapid approval.

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