Amazon Clearing: How to remove inventory through FBA Liquidation plan


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Offshore Amazon liquidation: how to remove inventory through FBA Liquidation plan

FBA LiquidationsyesAmazonA program launched to helpFBA SellerRecover value from products returned by customers and excess inventory.

If the product cannot be sold, Amazon sellers may have to face high long-term storage fees. Amazon's clearing plan is used at this time.

This move of Amazon,Let the sellerNo longer needed forAmazon warehouseInAbandonmentThe warehousing fee shall be paid for the inventory products.Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,FBA settlement plan is a way to clear unsold goods from Amazon warehousestockTo make profits.

This is an invitation onlyplan, forAmazon AmericastationSeller.

IAmazonHow the FBA Clearing Plan Works

AmazonsellerIt is possible to simply liquidate excess inventory through a wholesale clearing company, rather than paying a fee to remove orhandleFBA inventory. This means that Amazon will settle the surplusstockArrange a buyer.

Those involved in this projectAmazon SellerA part of the inventory cost can be obtained by realizing the surplus inventory. The net recovery value will be 60%toWithin 90 daysDisplay on vendorcoreAccount.

To be liquidatedstockThe net recovery value is estimated based on a variety of factors. These factorsinclude

oneOverall Sales History

twoClearing ASIN's sales history

threeIn AmazonofaverageFBAprice

FBA LiquidatorsCertified wholesale liquidators who sell Amazon to downstream consumersself-supportAnd FBA products. As Amazon enforces the contract, these Liquidators cannot resell these clearing items on Amazon.

wholesale liquidatorsWholesale liquidatorWill use 5to10% of the average selling price and purchase at gross profit ratestock。 After that, Amazon will deduct its fees and paysellerPayment clearingstockNet recovery value.

The maximum recovery value is 5% to 20% of the average sales price of the product.FBA ClearingThere is no standard recovery amount setting.

IIFees charged by Amazon FBA clearing plan

Amazon will collect FBA clearing fees from June 1, 2021. Once excess inventoryfromAmazonlogisticsDistribution Centreremove, the seller will be charged these fees.

If the Amazon seller places a clearing order before June 1, the clearing fee will still be incurred.

Amazon charges for each productService Charge, and according to the productCategoryCharge a referral fee.According to FBA Liquidations Page,followingYes, someFees andRecommendation feeChart

oneService Charge

Amazon clearing of e-commerce platform: how to remove inventory through FBA Liquidation plan

twoRecommendation fee

Cross border information Amazon clearing: how to remove inventory through FBA Liquidation plan

Offshore Amazon liquidation: how to remove inventory through FBA Liquidation plan

Cross border information Amazon clearing: how to remove inventory through FBA Liquidation plan

IIIAmazon FBA Clearing PlanQualification of

FBA clearing plan is applicable to Amazon AmericasitesaleproductUS and non US sellers.

1. Amazon sellers joinObtain FBA liquidation planNeed to reach Amazonset upofSome standards

(1) Amazon Sellermustregisterparticipate inVAT calculation serviceVAT calculation service),

(2) Amazon SellerThere must be aVAT registration numberVAT registration number),This code needs to be verified.

twoProduct qualification

Amazon does not allow the following types of productsparticipate inFBA Clearing Plan

(1)dangerous goodsDangerous goods)。

(2) WasRecalled inventory

For unfinished inventory, the product only has valid reasons for Customer damage, Carrier damage or Distributor damageIs eligible for liquidation. Expiredbe overdue、DefectiveDefectiveOr Warehouse damageWarehouse damage's products do not qualify for liquidation.

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,IfAmazonsellerNot so soonRemove product inventoryYou can cancel the clearing order. If you cancel,OriginallyLiquidationProducts forWill be shipped back to Seller's inventory.

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