What is the UL certification of Amazon America, and what are the steps for certification


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What is the UL certification of Amazon US Station for e-commerce platform? What are the steps for certification

Amazon has many websites, including the U.S., Europe and Japan, which are often registered by Amazon sellers. The U.S. stands are strict in product control. For example, products with UL certification will sell well. Today, let's talk about the UL certification of Amazon's U.S. station.

For Amazon USUL ListedMost people are familiar with it. They may have heard of it. Generally, if the product does not have UL certification, it is difficult to open the market in the United States, because most consumers prefer UL certified products. Because Americans are more important about product safety.

What is UL certification

UL is the abbreviation of Underwriter Laboratories Inc., which means Underwriters' Testing Institute. UL is a relatively authoritative private institution in the United States that is engaged in safety testing and identification. UL certification is a non mandatory certification in the United States, mainly for testing and certification of product safety performance.

If the user buys the product with UL mark, if the product quality has problems or has adverse consequences, the consumer can complain, and the certification period is generally about two months.

Which products are applicable to the UL certification of Amazon America

Toy products, including plastic, cloth, metal toys and so on;

Personal computers and equipment, including monitors, keyboards, power adapters, mice, switches, data machines, etc;

Household appliances, including refrigerators, electric kettles, air conditioners, hair dryers, washing machines, electrical products, electric razors and so on;

Security products, including access control, monitors, cameras, alarms, etc

Industrial machinery products, including machine tools, food machinery, amusement facilities, packaging machinery, etc;

Lamps, including fixed lamps, movable lamps, stage lamps, LED lamps, LED screens, converters, etc;

There are also some medical devices; Consulting equipment; Wire and cable; Electronic components and other products.

How to apply for UL certification of Amazon America

1. First, the applicant should submit relevant company and product information;

The applicant shall fill in the inspection application form and request UL Company to inspect the products in written form;

At the same time, the company's information should be filled in details, including name, address, contact information, telephone number, product name, model, and purpose, etc;

For electronic and electrical products, power supply schematic diagram and electrical performance meter shall be provided; The structural drawing or ingredient list of the product shall indicate the name and size of each part.

2、UL Company mailed the formal application form and tracking service agreement according to the materials submitted by the applicant;

It includes the cost of the project, the time of testing, the number of samples, etc.

3、The applicant shall mail the application form and sample in accordance with the requirements of UL Company. The application form and sample shall be mailed separately, and the company name and other details shall be noted when mailing.

4、UL will test the company's products and classify them into several categories;

If the product meets the UL standard, it will issue the inspection qualification report and tracking service rules;

If the product does not meet UL standards, the applicant will be notified to improve the product and resubmit.

5、The last is the inspection of the factory. The UL inspector will contact the factory to check the inventory of the production line and warehouse in the factory to ensure that the samples are consistent with the products produced. If the inspection meets the requirements, the applicant will obtain the UL logo.

For Amazon sellers, the steps to obtain UL certification for Amazon America are relatively complicated, but as long as there is no problem with the seller's products, as the saying goes, true gold is not afraid of fire, and certification is just a step. In fact, certification is very fast. With UL certification, the sales of products will be greatly improved.

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