Novice Amazon seller's advertising skills and video advertising effect


Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
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The novice e-commerce platform Amazon seller's advertising skills, and the video advertising effect is good

For Amazon sellers, the traffic of newly opened stores is relatively poor at the beginning, and they need to be diverted, so that the product page of the store will have more views and clicks, which can be converted into more orders. Advertising can quickly bring traffic. Today we will talk about novice Amazon sellersAdvertising skills

For Amazon sellers, drainage has always been a commonplace topic. However, how to properly conduct drainage without touching Amazon's red line in a formal way.

Advertising skills for novice Amazon sellers

1、collecting data

When advertising, first of all, we should collect data. Generally, seven days of data is enough. Analyze the data report and extract valuable keywords. Remove the useless keywords. Adjust the price if the keyword needs to be adjusted, and use the negative word if the keyword needs to be adjusted. According to the data, we can do a better job of advertising.

2、Write the title

There are short titles and long titles. Generally speaking, long tailed words are more likely to be searched, and the price is cheaper than keywords. Sellers can set more long tailed words, which can also achieve a good drainage effect.

3、Choose keywords

You don't need too many keywords. You only need to select accurate keywords, keywords related to product pages, or keywords related to listing pages. As long as you ensure good relevance to products, you can ensure good advertising results.

4、Video advertising

Pure text ads are boring, and ads with only pictures are also very simple. The ads with pictures and texts combined with videos have the strongest impact on people and the best drainage effect. Videos can bring visual impact to people intuitively and solve customers' problems well.

Novice Amazon sellers can choose Amazon video ads, which can be launched on both PC and mobile terminals. Select accurate keywords, and then launch them, you can receive good drainage effect.

5、Select the delivery mode

There are two kinds of advertising methods: automatic advertising and manual advertising. The seller can choose the appropriate advertising method according to their actual needs.

Automatic advertising means that Amazon automatically matches keywords and corresponding product categories according to the seller's products. The exposure and browsing volume are large, but the cost is also high;

Manual advertising means that the seller sets up and selects the appropriate keywords. The price of the keywords is also set by the seller. Other settings are set by the seller. The traffic is relatively accurate. Generally, customers search directly to the product page, and the price is lower than that of automatic advertising.

Blue Ocean Yiguan reminds that manual advertising and automatic advertising have their own advantages and disadvantages. When sellers don't know how to choose, they can choose automatic advertising at the beginning. After a certain amount of traffic, they can select accurate keywords according to the actual data report, and remove some useless keywords. At this time, they can often get good results by placing manual advertising.

6、Make the most of comments

Amazon pays most attention to user experience. From this point of view, sellers can analyze user comments, such as review. From the perspective of customers, they can find appropriate keywords and place advertisements, which can also achieve good results.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds all sellers that the advertising skills of novice Amazon sellers need to be considered from many aspects to develop a good advertising skills. A variety of factors should be considered together, not from a single perspective.

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