How do novice Amazon sellers choose sites? Do they need to know the culture of their country


Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
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How to choose a site for a novice Amazon seller of Sailing Info? Do you need to know the culture of the country

With the dividend period of cross-border e-commerce in recent years, the state supports cross-border e-commerce more and more. More and more people want to join in. The cake is only so big. How should we divide it when there are many people? Which one should we choose? For beginners of Amazon, how to choose a site? Let's talk about it todayNovice Amazon sellerHow to select a site.

We all know that Amazon has a lot of websites. Usually, the most registered ones are the US, Europe, Japan, Britain, Germany, etc. Because these countries are relatively developed, and the sales of goods are relatively good.

How do novice Amazon sellers choose sites

1、Define the target market

First of all, as a novice seller, it is necessary to specify the market of the destination country. For example, the U.S. station is chosen. Americans pay great attention to the quality and safety of products. Generally, selling American products requires a lot of certification, such as FCC certification and UL certification. Without these certification labels, products may not enter the U.S. market.

Therefore, for novice sellers, first of all, they should understand a situation of the country where the site belongs, and what policies the site country has, such as hard standards, which must be followed.

2、Understand the culture of the country where the site belongs

The culture of each country is different. For example, the United States and Europe are more fashionable, and they may be bold or personalized in clothing. If sellers directly copy the clothing of the United States and Europe stations to India, it will definitely not work, because India is generally conservative, and cultural differences are different. For novice sellers, they must understand the national culture of the site.

3、Refer to historical sales

For novice Amazon sellers, if they have considered which product to choose, they can refer to the historical sales situation of a site, for example, they can analyze the U.S. site, and refer to some historical sales data reports. Some products may already have a lot of comments in the U.S. Amazon. They can refer to the visits of various countries, see how the visits of each country are, and then refer to the historical sales data, To make a good judgment.


The selection of products can refer to different countries. Generally, the products that sell well in the United States are also sold well in Germany or the United Kingdom. Some products may have just started in the United Kingdom and Germany, which is a good opportunity for novice sellers. You can consider entering products in Germany or the United Kingdom.

There are many factors to consider when selecting a product, such as market demand, search and keyword matching in the Amazon search box, depending on the amount of search, etc. There are many ways for novice sellers to reference.

Blueocean Yiguan warns that it may be difficult for novice Amazon sellers to choose a site. They don't know where to start, find a starting point, and then think in detail separately to find a suitable site for the seller.

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