What are the differences between domestic e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce Amazon? Is the operating environment the same


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What are the differences between cross-border information domestic e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce Amazon? Is the operating environment the same

Whether it is domestic e-commerce or cross-border e-commerce Amazon, it has been quite popular in recent years. Some people become rich by doing domestic e-commerce, and some people make a lot of money by doing cross-border e-commerce Amazon. What are the differences between the two? Let's talk with Xiao Bian today!

Domestic e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce Amazon differ from each other in terms of profit, traffic, focus, background and operating environment. Foreigners' festivals are basically in the second half of the year, and Amazon's hot season is also in the second half of the year, which is quite different from some domestic festivals.

Differences between domestic e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce Amazon

1、Different profits

Domestic e-commerce companies, such as Taobao and JD, can basically register. The threshold for entry is relatively low, and the competition is very fierce. Relatively speaking, the profits are relatively small. Generally, there are more sellers than buyers;

The threshold for cross-border e-commerce Amazon to enter is relatively higher than that of domestic e-commerce. It is basically an enterprise user, and it also needs a company business license, as well as a dual currency credit card. It targets users around the world, usually fewer sellers, but a large number of buyers, perhaps hundreds of millions of users, and usually has a large profit margin.

2、Different emphasis

Domestic e-commerce platforms are basically procurement information copied to the seller's shop, and the products are similar to each other. There are a lot of scalping, serious vicious competition, counterfeit products and fake goods all the time, and poor quality and fake products often exist;

The cross-border e-commerce company Amazon is very careful in selecting products. If the seller fails to select products, all the following are useless. Moreover, each product has its own listing page, including title, description, review, qa, etc., each of which is related to the product and can provide users with very comprehensive information. Of course, it is also a time to test the seller's operational ability.

3、Different flows

Domestic e-commerce platforms basically rely on their own efforts to win traffic. Whether it's online promotion or offline drainage, they have done a lot, such as Smart Connect and Direct Train, which are all kinds of promotion channels anyway, as well as offline fan groups, WeChat groups, and so on. They are all for good drainage, and only the seller knows how hard it is;

Cross border e-commerce Amazon does not have a very complex way of traffic. Usually, when new sellers open stores, the Amazon platform will have a three-month care period. The traffic in the first three months will tend to the sellers, which can improve the exposure and clicks on the product page. At the same time, the listing page of the sellers is very specific, so it is not particularly difficult to drain.

4、Different platform backgrounds

Many domestic electronic commodity counters attach great importance to stores. As for products, as long as the stores do not violate the rules, for example, they can do a little order swiping, which can be used as a diversion;

The cross-border e-commerce Amazon is different. It prefers stores to products. The A9 algorithm launched by Amazon in 2004 always focuses on products. No matter whether the seller's products are big brands or not, as long as the products are excellent, they are not afraid of no sales. Foreigners generally value the quality of products.

5、Different operating environments

The domestic e-commerce platform is basically sold to domestic people, and Chinese is the most used language, so it does not need to master other languages;

The cross-border e-commerce Amazon is aimed at users all over the world. If it is an American station, it also needs to master English, if it is a European station, it also needs to know German or French, if it is a Japanese station, and so on. The requirements for sellers are also high, and the operating environment is also very different.

Domestic e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce Amazon have their own advantages. As the saying goes, each has his own love for turnips and vegetables. Sellers will choose what they are good at. Blue Ocean Yiguan reminds sellers that they must abide by the rules of the platform, so that the store can go further.

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