What is the difference between FCC certification and UL certification? Can we enter the US market without certification


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What is the difference between FCC certification and UL certification of cross-border e-commerce logistics? Can we enter the US market without certification

As an Amazon seller, we should be responsible for the quality of our products. We should also be responsible for both the seller and the buyer. At the same time, we can effectively reduce after-sales and bad reviews. Amazon America is more strict with our products, which usually require various certifications. Today, we will talk about FCC certification and UL certification.

FCC CertificationandUL ListedIt is a testing and certification of products in the United States. The United States government considers the safety of its own people, protects safety in many aspects and certifies in all aspects. The certification of products is relatively strict, and Amazon sellers need to provide a variety of materials and qualifications.

What is FCC certification

FCC is the abbreviation of the Federal Communications Commission. It is the Federal Communications Commission of the United States. It is an independent agency of the United States government. It is directly responsible to the Congress. It coordinates domestic and international communications through television, satellite, radio broadcasting, telecommunications and cables. It involves more countries, including more than 50. Basically, all communication products, digital products and radio application products. If they want to enter the United States, They all require FCC certification, otherwise they cannot enter the American market.

What is UL certification

UL is the abbreviation of Underwriter Laboratories Inc., which is the meaning of the American Underwriters Test Institute. It is an independent, professional and profitable organization that conducts experiments for public safety. UL is a non mandatory certification in the United States. It mainly certifies and tests the safety performance of products. The scope of certification does not include the EMC characteristics of products, that is, electromagnetic compatibility.

Differences between FCC certification and UL certification

1、Different test scope

FCC certification is the certification content of electromagnetic compatibility of products;

UL certification is a test of product safety.

2、Different issuing institutions

Many domestic institutions of FCC can issue licenses, because domestic institutions have the authorization of TCB, and the FCC license issuing agency is TCB;

The US insurance company that UL belongs to can only issue certificates from the US side, which is quite special.

3、Different requirements

FCC is mandatory. Without certification, the product will not enter the American market;

UL is a non mandatory certification, and the scope of certification is relatively broad, ranging from parts to the whole product, and the size will involve product safety certification.

4、Different periods

FCC can apply to an agency or the seller itself. The cycle is usually about 5 days, not too long, and the cost will be about 2000;

Because UL involves the factory, the cycle may be relatively long, and generally takes about 2 months.

5、Different requirements for product factories

FCC is the product that needs to submit the required data and testing;

UL has more requirements on the factory side, requiring annual inspection, and UL also has a very important issue, which is timeliness.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds that both FCC certification and UL certification are based on safety. In order to provide consumers with a high-quality product and a higher user experience, users will also trust products with certification marks. Americans pay special attention to product safety and usually buy products with certification marks.

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