Besides FBA liquidation plan, what are Amazon's inventory clearing methods


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In addition to FBA liquidation plan, what are the inventory clearing methods of Seagoing Amazon

Amazon SellerConsideration may be given to clearing excess inventory at some point in time. In addition to asking for helpAmazon FBA ClearingPlan,Amazon seller alsoWhat can I do to remove the excess inventory, such asFacebook、InstagramAnd other platforms.

ISelling excess inventory on other platforms

If the seller's excess inventory cannot beAmazonIt does not mean that they can only be abandoned. The seller can also make these inventories generate some "value" on other platforms.

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan, according to the seller's social media performance, you can chooseFacebook MarketplaceandInstagram ShoppingSell products on the Internet.

If the seller wants to transfer the inventory toeBayShopifyorWal-MartAnd other platforms. However, if Amazon sellers want to sell products on other websites, they must create a removal order from the seller's central account.

In this way, Amazon will help the seller to transfer the inventory fromAmazon warehouseMove to the next destination. However, this may require the seller to pay additional fees.

What are the methods of b2b Amazon inventory clearing besides FBA liquidation plan

IIRun a Giveaway gift activity

Before Amazon sellers liquidate their product inventory, they may try the last gift activity. Once the giveaway activity attracts the attention of relevant customers, the seller is likely to sell all products.

Even if the seller's goal is to eliminate excess inventory rather than improve product ranking, this method can improve brand awareness.  

3、 Selling products to competitors

This may not be the best choice, but as long as the product is sold, the seller can obtain a certain profit, rather than having to liquidate the inventory at a low price.

Based on the reputation of the product, its unique characteristics and brand reputation, the seller can sell the inventory to a competitive brand. It is better that the brand operates the same product. The more common and unmarked the product, the more likely it is to find a new seller.

However, it is important to have good negotiation skills. If you can't get a certain level of profits, you'd better go straight aheadFBA Clearing。 When the seller sells the inventory, the pricing should be as close to the cost price as possible to reduce the loss percentage, because the seller must bear the cost of transferring the inventory from the warehouseRelated expenses of removal order.

4、 Donate to charity

This may not bring any financial benefits to the seller, but it will benefit those who need help. There are many ways to donate excess inventory, depending on the type of product sold by the seller.

FBA DonationIt is a new project sponsored by Amazon, which prevents millions of products from being destroyed every year and uses these surplus stocks for charity and donation.

At the same time, Amazon sellers must also pay Removal requests and Disposal fees.

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,Amazon IPI ScoreIt plays an important role in improving the inventory completion rate. Excess inventory will reduce the seller's score. Therefore, when a seller submits a removal order with FBI liquidation, the IPI score may increase.

WhetherAmazon FBMIt is also an FBA seller. The excess inventory stored in Amazon's warehouse will hinder cash flow, devour the seller's resources, and greatly affect the growth rate of the enterprise. It also discourages corporate investment and overall profits. The longer the excess inventory is stored, the higher the storage cost of Amazon sellers.

WhenAmazonWhen the seller cleans up the surplus inventory, it can save warehouse space to allocate new hot products, thus preventing resource waste.  

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