The product is complained of missing parts! The seller's inventory was audited by Amazon!


Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
Source: egainnews

Cross border sea going products are complained of missing parts! The seller's inventory was audited by Amazon!

Recently, a seller reported that the remaining inventory of his product was reviewed by Amazon because the buyer complained about the lack of parts.

It is understood that the seller's shop sales authority has been restricted, and normal sales can only be carried out after the inventory has been approved by the warehouse staff.

However, the seller believes that the inventory review cycle of Amazon is too long, and his profits have been lost.

Some other sellers suggested that they open more cases to consult Amazon customer service. In the case, they can send the product invoice, product packaging drawing and other information to the customer service at the same time, and explain the reason to them.

"My product is functional and often meets such audits. Normally, it can pass the audit in two days. Of course, in some cases, you need to submit a POA plan, but as long as the product quality is OK, you don't have to worry about it." A seller claimed.

Another seller said that this situation is usually caused by the buyer's complaints about the wrong products or the lack of parts. The seller will be informed of the audit results every other day.

At the same time, there are also some sellers who think that the inventory audit may have a 10-30 day audit cycle.

However, no matter how long the inventory review cycle is, once Amazon sellers encounter it, it means that product listing may not be available for sale in the near future, which is a nightmare for sellers.

So, what are some ways to avoid inventory audit?

oneBefore delivery, the seller should check and remedy the defects of the accessory parts of the product. If the missing parts occur after the buyer receives the product, whether it is a return or a complaint, the seller will lose more than he gets.

twoThe product itself should be carefully checked, especially those sellers who sell products with strong functionality should pay attention to. In addition, the seller should also check whether there are differences in product style or color.

threeThe outer packaging of the product must be tight to prevent consumers from finding that the product can not be used or is "short of weight" after receiving the product.

In a word, the seller should conduct a full body inspection on the product before delivery, which can effectively avoid such problems from occurring frequently.

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