What are the logistics modes of Amazon? Which logistics mode is suitable for large items


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What are the logistics modes of Amazon, the cross-border e-commerce platform, and which logistics modes are more suitable for large items

For Amazon sellers, there are many delivery modes, which give them a great choice. According to the actual situation, capital, product factors, as well as the country of destination, etc., we can judge the delivery mode based on comprehensive consideration. Now let's follow the brief to learn about the Amazon logistics mode.

There are three kinds of Amazon logistics modes,Amazon FBAAmazon FBMThere are also third-party overseas warehouses, which are also common logistics models.

What are Amazon's logistics models

Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA delivers goods at the first time, and the delivery speed is fast. For example, the goods may arrive in the United States every other day or three to five days, which can greatly reduce after-sales problems. FBA can quickly improve the ranking of listing, so that the page can get more traffic and exposure. FBA charges for shipping by piece, and the charge for each piece is related to the size and weight of the product.

Amazon will unconditionally delete the middle and bad comments on logistics. It provides professional customer service 24 hours a day. If the product is a small item with high value and the unit price is more than 300 dollars, Amazon will generally waive the logistics delivery fees.

Most buyers are willing to choose Amazon FBA delivery products, which have a high degree of trust, good after-sales protection and generally good sales.

FBA has relatively high costs, poor flexibility, and strict product packaging requirements, requiring sellers to store a large number of goods.

Amazon FBM

Choose the Amazon logistics mode. If the seller is a large item with a relatively large weight, he can choose Amazon FBM. The seller can choose the appropriate logistics according to the actual situation. Air, sea and rail transportation are all possible. Choose a cost-effective logistics mode. The seller can purchase a large number of products without stocking up, reducing the financial pressure. The seller can design the product packaging at will, Design more humanized and creative packaging, etc. All kinds of products are more suitable, increasing the sales of products, while reducing after-sales.

If the seller chooses cold or seasonal products, it can reduce a lot of storage fees. Generally speaking, the profit of FBM delivery is relatively high, and the risk is relatively small. The seller operates from packaging to delivery.

The opportunity for product selection is relatively large, with few restricted categories, and the delivery method is determined by the seller itself, and the delivery is flexible.

The only thing about FBM is that the timeliness cannot be guaranteed, and the payment collection time is basically about one month.

Third party overseas warehouse

For the seller, the overseas warehouse generally provides the seller with customs clearance services, as well as the payment of customs duties, as well as the sorting, packaging, delivery and delivery of products. The seller is not required to be responsible, but the third-party overseas warehouse is responsible.

If the products are returned or replaced, the overseas warehouse can repackage, put them on the shelf and sell them, which can reduce many losses for the seller, and the cost of logistics and warehousing is relatively low. There are no special requirements for product packaging.

The overseas warehouse is relatively flexible. No matter which platform the seller sells, the third-party overseas warehouse can be used.

As the overseas warehouses are collectively managed goods, some overseas warehouses are managed in a chaotic way, which may lead to the loss of parts. If the seller's shop has poor reviews on logistics, the overseas warehouses cannot be deleted like Amazon.

Blue Ocean Yiguan reminds sellers that no matter what kind of Amazon logistics mode is, Amazon FBA, Amazon FBM, and third-party overseas warehouse, sellers must choose the logistics mode that is suitable for the seller based on the actual situation, considering products, funds, warehousing, etc.

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