What the seller worried about finally happened, and the VOVA background could not be opened; Amazon payment collection period reduced to 3 days


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A while ago, VOVA, a cross-border e-commerce platform that boasts more than 100 million downloads of apps, fell into many crises.
A large number of sellers have been banned, and some even said that,95% of the sellers of VOVA platform have been blocked.
A large number of sellers have pledged a lot of money on the platform, even ordinary sellers oftenMore than100000 yuan。 someAccording to the information of VOVA seller communication group, the amount owed by some sellers,Few rulesUS $10000, with millions more, andBothMoney to support the family.
A seller said: "There is a big guy in VOVABet9.56 million yuan, I don't know how the situation is now. "If the platform"Thunderstorm" means money is dangerous.
More worrisome is that the sellerI can't contact the people on the platform at all
I was comforting the sellers yesterdayeverybodyThe investment manager who "settled as usual", "and other notices" said today that he was "dismissed"Resigned”Yes.

The cross-border e-commerce logistics sellers' worries finally occurred, and the VOVA background could not be opened; Amazon payment collection period reduced to 3 days

A VOVA investment manager who has left said that the investment manager"They have been dismissed collectively, and there are no new employees"
Many sellers are anxious.
Many sellers from Shanghai, Hangzhou, Putian and other places formed an exchange group to constantly discuss the closure of the platform account, and most of the sellers believed that"Something big must happen".
VOVA official sent an email to the seller saying that the platformUpgrade algorithm in auditThe audit standards have been improved, and products and stores that violate VOVA platform policies have been automatically removed from the shelves.

The cross-border e-commerce logistics sellers' worries finally occurred, and the VOVA background could not be opened; Amazon payment collection period reduced to 3 days

It is worth noting that,VOVA comforted the seller in the email,"Historic orders that should be settled will still be settled on time according to the current bill settlement rules, and the deposit will also be returned normally after the order is settled."
This comfort has given some sellers a fluke mentality.
Because these sellers are still able to receive orders in the background, and have been hesitant to continue shipping. It can be seen that many sellers are still reluctant to give up this platform completely, and still have a wait-and-see attitude.
Recently,VOVA platformFinally"Further developments",The PC website is also inaccessible.

Seagoing information sellers worried about finally happened, and the VOVA background could not be opened; Amazon payment collection period reduced to 3 days

 When VOVA Merchant Center logs in, it is prompted that the website has "potential security risks".

What the cross-border e-commerce platform sellers worried about finally happened, and the VOVA background could not be opened; Amazon payment collection period reduced to 3 days

After further operations, although it is possible to enter, it has been unable to log in to the background, and the "immediately enter" function was also unavailable at the end of September.

What the cross-border e-commerce platform sellers worried about finally happened, and the VOVA background could not be opened; Amazon payment collection period reduced to 3 days

It seems that the seller's most worried situation has finally occurred.
We hope that the payment owed by these sellers can finally be properly settled.
An industry analyst believed that when deciding whether to settle in some small and medium-sized platforms,First, see if the platform is regular and has a bottom line. If a platform, by default or by implication, allows sellers to sell fake or sideline products, or black five products.Then, it indicates that the platform may fall into a big hole after entering these platforms. Not only can I not earn money, but I may also pay back.
Amazon gives benefits?The payment can be collected within 3 days, and the IPI threshold drops to 400 points
Recently, Amazon sellers have received some good news.
The first good thing is that Amazon's payment collection cycle has been shortened. However, it is still in the testing stage, and only a few sellers have the opportunity to enjoy it.
Earlier this month, some US website sellers received a "special" Amazon email. The email claimed that the seller was selected by Amazon into the payment collection cycle test.
For the sellers participating in the test, after the product is delivered, from the day when the buyer actually receives the goods,The payment will be received in 3 days.For example, the sellerIf the goods are delivered on January 1 and the buyer receives the goods on January 5, the seller will receive the payment on January 9.
For orders that do not provide carrier delivery information, the payment will be collected 7 days after the latest expected delivery date of the order.

The cross-border information sellers worried finally happened, and the VOVA background could not be opened; Amazon payment collection period reduced to 3 days

Amazon chose the seller for testing mainly because of the seller's order defect rate(ODR) is low, which is considered by Amazon as a seller with "good performance".
During the test, Amazon will still monitor the seller's performance and may suspend the test. The seller will be notified two weeks in advance before deciding to suspend the test.
The seller can also choose not to participate in the test.
According to the message, the test time will start fromFrom December 6.
Some respondents said that many sellers in the United States have received similar emails.
At present, it is not only received by American sellers, but also by a small number of Chinese sellers.
A seller said that after seeing the news, he opened a case to ask customer service and got a positive reply. The customer service said that the policy is currently being tested, and only invited stores can enjoy the policy.
Amy, the seller, feedback that she has received the invitation and it has started to take effect. Amy ShopMonthly salesUS $80000About, the recent deposit has indeed decreased a lot, and the amount of monthly payment has also increased a lot.
Zhang Xin, the seller, said that the amount of money collected a few days ago was higher than what Amazon expectedMore35%
Kang Xingyue, the seller, said that his shop belongs to"Super mini", one store only sells one product. But the monthly sales of Kangdou's products are as high as30000 dollars, while the return rate is less than 1%.
Therefore, Kang Xingyue's shop also received an invitation from Amazon.
Some sellers turn a blind eye to the mail.
Banchuan, a seller in Xiamen, said that after receiving an email from Amazon two days ago, he thought it was received by all sellers"Mass mailing", directly ignored.
"When I received the email, I didn't understand what it meant, so I skipped it. Fortunately, this invitation is passive, and you need to contact Amazon if you want to cancel it."
However, some sellers said they had received an invitation from Amazon. However, the current payment collection cycle is still 14 days, and the policy of "payment collection in three days" has not been implemented.
Although this policy has not been officially confirmed or popularized, it has attracted the attention of some sellers.
Kuang Lan, the seller, said that if the payment collection cycle was really shortened from 14 days to 3 days, it would undoubtedly be a good thing for the seller. In particular, many sellers' payment to factories and logistics costs to logistics providers in the process of preparing goods are based on "advance payment". In other words, the cost of the next batch of goods will be paid in advance if the money from the previous batch of goods has not been collected.
This will lead to excessive financial pressure on sellers, which is prone to unpredictable risks. The collection cycle is 11 days ahead of schedule, and the amount of money withdrawn by the seller each time is bound to rise, which will help ease the financial pressure.
At the same time, after the payment collection cycle is shortened, it is also conducive to the seller to improve the product renewal rate.
However, some sellers believe that although this is beneficial to most sellers, it will also produce some disadvantages. For example, some low-quality self delivery sellers may take advantage of policy loopholes to actually not deliver goods after ultra-low price sales, and directly give up their accounts after the receipt of payment.
The reason for this concern is that it is mentioned in the policy that "orders without carrier delivery information will also be collected 7 days after the expected latest arrival date."
At the same time, some first instance accounts can sell listing with normal prices at super low prices. Due to the fast payment collection cycle, these low prices can increase prices with sellers after seizing shopping carts or withdraw from shopping carts more quickly, which can reduce the cost of vicious competition.
However, in view of these phenomena, some sellers believe that Amazon should take into account the relevant circumstances and may not open this policy to self delivery sellers.
"First of all, the self delivery seller does not press down on funds at all, and makes one order with one sale. Second, the news that the self delivery seller" collects money and does not deliver goods "has already been exposed in foreign media, and Amazon should take precautions."
At present, most sellers believe that if this policy is popularized in a large scale, it will have more advantages than disadvantages for sellers, and they hope that this policy can benefit small and medium-sized sellers as soon as possible.
However, there are many sellers who wonder why Amazon"Suddenly merciful" expressed his incomprehension.
Li Ming, the seller, asked, does Amazon think it makes too much money? How about detaining the seller's funds for a few more days?
In this regard, some people in the industry have explained it.
Amazon speeds up the payment collection cycle, which can help sellers improve the speed of updating. This will greatly improve the new volume of products on the platform and speed up the pace of Amazon's marketing.
At present, when other platforms are increasingly threatening Amazon, this is a good response.
At the same time, the United States is currently in a situation of product shortage. Accelerating the seller's payment collection cycle and the speed of updating can alleviate the current situation to a certain extent.
Some sellers also believe that after Amazon accelerates the payment collection speed, the sellers will experience better and unconsciously increase the stock volume. As a result, some sellers may be "trapped" on the platform.
This kind of potential risk also has to be vigilant.
The above conclusion is still the seller's speculation. The relevant information needs to be officially verified. The specific effect and whether it will be implemented in the end also need to be further tested.
Another good news is that,The IPI threshold has decreased.
On December 23, the seller's background received news from Amazon that from January 1, 2022, the inventory performance indicator threshold (IPI) will be reduced to 400 points. After the implementation of this policy, the number of sellers with limited inventory will,Will not reach10%。
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