What are Amazon's operating expenses? Does FBA have a return service fee


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What are the operating expenses of b2b Amazon? Does FBA have a return service fee

For Amazon sellers, in order to operate normally, Amazon stores need to invest a lot in the early and middle stages, not only in human resources, but also in some expenses. What are the expenses for Amazon's operation? Let's follow the small editor to learn about Amazon's operating expenses.

Amazon's operation includes the cost of advertising promotion, advertising inside and outside the site, and logistics costs. The cost of choosing FBA or FBM is also very different.

What are Amazon's operating expenses

1、Advertising and promotion expenses

PPC, CPC, etc. pay per click, which are based on the amount of deduction per click. They quickly improve the listing ranking and exposure through online advertising, bringing more exposure and conversion rate to the store. Generally speaking, the higher the bid, the higher the ranking will be, but the listing page must also be excellent enough and well optimized to ensure a large wave of traffic, otherwise it is useless;

Off site advertising can promote the sales of products through some deals websites, such as facebook, you tu be, and so on, using the huge user base of the website itself to drive the sales of products. Some off site advertising websites, such as those with product links, or those with product images, charge fees, and some may be free.

2、Logistics expenses

Amazon's operating expense logistics is also one of them, including Amazon's self operated FBA and seller's self delivered FBM. The seller chooses different logistics modes, and the cost is also different.

FBA's expenses basically include warehousing fees, which are divided into monthly warehousing fees and long-term warehousing fees; There is also the first journey cost. The first journey costs are different according to the different logistics selected by the seller, such as air transportation, sea transportation and express delivery; Order delivery fee; Order removal fee; Return handling fees and other expenses.

If the seller chooses FBM, it can save a large part of storage funds without a large amount of stock. At the same time, the seller can freely choose logistics and which express to send. Of course, it should also be considered according to the actual situation of the product, as well as timeliness and other issues, because generally speaking, the timeliness of FBM cannot be guaranteed.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds all sellers that Amazon's operating expenses include a lot. When managing Amazon stores, sellers must pay attention to many aspects and not ignore every small detail to make Amazon stores better and longer!

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