What are the rules for Amazon background keywords? What is the recommended writing method?


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What are the rules for the background keywords of the e-commerce platform Amazon? What is the recommended writing method?

AmazonBackground keywords, is a supplement to the foreground keywords. In other words, keywords that cannot be placed in the listing details page can be placed in the background keywords to help increase product exposure without waste.

Amazon's rules on background keywords

Every seller needs to understand Amazon's rules on the use of background keywords, including how many keywords can be added.

First of all, Amazon does not allow sellers to add background keywords without limit. It has a limit, which is not calculated based on the number of characters we often say, but based on bytes.

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,The background keywords limited by Amazon are within 250 bytesNote that it is not 250 characters. There is a difference between the two becauseSome characters are equivalent to multiple bytes

Conventional letters and numbers are single bytes, symbols like "ü" are two bytes, and "€" is three bytes.

If the bytes exceed the specification, the extra parts are useless and will not help guide the search results.

Here are some guidelines on background keywords of Amazon:

1. The length shall not exceed the limit

2. Add synonyms

3. Add spelling variations without misspelling

4. Add abbreviations and aliases

5. All lower case is allowed

6. There is no need for such things as;:- Such punctuation marks

7. Separate each word with a space

8. Don't repeat keywords in the Search Terms section

9. Do not add the seller's brand name or other brand names in Search Terms

10. Do not add ASINs in Search Terms

11. It is unnecessary to use a, an, and, by, for, of, the, with and other words

12. Either use the singular or the plural, not both

13. Don't use time effective words, such as new, on sale now

14. Do not use subjective descriptions, such as best, cheatest, amazing, etc

15. Do not use insulting or offensive words

Recommended writing method of Amazon background keywords

In fact, another way to understand the role of background keywords is to imagine them as road signs, which can guide Amazon's algorithm to push products to target consumers.

The more accurate the signposts are (the better the background keywords are), the more Amazon algorithm can expose the seller's products to important and potential consumers.

For the writing of background keywords, please refer to the following strategies.

1. Focus on the most important keywords

As mentioned above, adding background keywords is not unlimited.

Therefore, the seller must focus on the most important keywords that are most relevant to the store and product, so as to improve the conversion rate of the product, and thus improve the search ranking of listing.

Through keyword research, you can accurately find the right and appropriate keywords, which can make the product reach potential consumers.

Keyword research can use corresponding tools, either paid or free, such as Google Keyword Tools.

2. Use keywords accordingly

In fact, sellers can use keywords in many places, mainly in the product details page, advertising copy, background, etc. These actions are all based onSEOOf course, there is nothing wrong with considering.

It should be noted that in the same page, the same keyword should not be used repeatedly. For example, in the background, a keyword can only be used once.

3. Use space instead of comma

Generally speaking, sellers may be used to separating each word with punctuation marks, such as commas and periods.

But for background keywords, you can ignore this regular format because punctuation does not work. The only way to safely separate words is space.

4. Check the performance of keywords

The operation of background keywords is not a task to be completed in one step.

It is recommended that sellers regularly monitor the performance of each background keyword to see which keyword is useful to the product details page, how important it is, and which keyword is not useful or even useless. Remove it and add a new one.

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