What is the eBay store opening process? Do you need to pay for listing


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What is the process of opening a cross-border eBay store? Do you need to pay for listing

EBay has also developed rapidly in recent years. It has websites in many countries, such as Britain, France, Italy, Australia, Canada, Denmark, etc. And the number of sellers is also increasing year by year. Today, let's talk aboutEBay storesRegistration problem.

Compared with Amazon, eBay is relatively easy to register and open a store, which is free, but the seller needs to pay when uploading products, and eBay is mainly targeted at the U.S. and European markets.

What are the fees for opening eBay stores

The seller of eBay stores should first understand the platform, what are the fees for registering and opening the store, what are the fees that must be paid, and what can be paid selectively. The basic fees for opening the store include publishing fees, transaction fees, and payment fees, which are all mandatory.

EBay platform is different from other cross-border e-commerce platforms. Other cross-border e-commerce listings do not require payment, but eBay platform sellers need to pay if they want to publish listings.

EBay Store Registration Process

firstOpen www.ebay.com.hk or www.ebay.cn, click the top leftRegister, and the seller should set the account and password;

What is the process of opening an eBay store at sea? Do you need to pay for listing

Then the seller's email will receive an email with a verification code. After filling in the verification code, click Submit, and then click Confirm Terms;

What is the opening process of b2beBay? Do you need to pay for listing

What is the opening process of b2beBay? Do you need to pay for listing

sellerLog in to eBay accountThen click MyeBay; clickPaypal account, link directly toPaypal account, you caneBayandpaypalcapitalaccountOnce linked together, eBay registration is successfully completed.

What is the opening process of cross-border e-commerce eBay? Do you need to pay for listing

What is the process of opening a cross-border eBay store? Do you need to pay for listing

Precautions for eBay store opening

Remind the seller to fill in the true information when registering on eBay, and not provide false materials, which is unfavorable to the seller and is also unfavorable to the audit;

Prepare a dual currency credit card to facilitate the daily operation of the store;

After all the certification of the store is completed, the seller can sell normally;

The new mailbox should be used to ensure that the buyer can receive normal overseas mail, such as hotmail、gmailAnd so on.

Because eBay has professional customers, and the popular products on the platform are basically digital, auto parts and fashion products, and the pricing methods are diversified, it is popular with users. The most important thing is that the threshold for opening a store is relatively low, and most people can accept it, which is one of the reasons why many sellers join.

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