What are the possible reasons why Shope sellers cannot enter the store background?


Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
Source: egainnews

What are the reasons for cross-border e-commerce logistics that may cause Shope sellers to be unable to enter the store background?

As we all know, for Shope sellers, the inability to enter the store background will have a significant impact on the daily operation of the store.

Then, what are the reasons that may cause the seller to be unable to enter the store background?

1.ShopeeSystem causes

If the seller cannot log in to the store, it is likely that there is a major problem with the Shope system.

Therefore, sellers can check the Shopee seller community, forums and Baidu Post Bar to see if other sellers have similar phenomena.

If many sellers fail to log in to the store for a period of time, it is likely that the system has a bug. You can try to log in later.

twoPassword error

Like many Amazon sellers, some shope sellers may have multiple shope seller accounts, so the seller may confuse different account passwords if he is a little careless, resulting in the account cannot be logged in.

At the same time, some sellers were quite excited during the login process, and did not switch the English case, so they could not enter the Shop smoothly.

threeNetwork causes

It cannot be ruled out that there are problems with the network used by the seller, such as whether the account bound to the network is in arrears, whether the router is damaged, and network lines.

If it is a router problem, the seller can restart the router to try.

fourBrowser problems

According to previous feedback from sellers, many sellers' inability to log in to the store before was due to the full browser cache.

For example, when the browser used by the seller remembers the Shopee account and password, and the cookie cache is too large, the seller cannot log in. In this case, the seller can clear the browser cache or download the browser again.

fiveThe store is banned by the platform

For example, when the seller logs in to the background, he cannot enter, and the system prompts that because your activity record in the shop has violated the shop policy, your login has been rejected by the system.

Then, it is very likely that the seller's shop was closed due to the illegal reasons found by the Shope official.

In addition, once this phenomenon occurs, the seller cannot appeal, which means that the store can never be restored, and can only re register the account.

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