What are the factors that affect the search ranking of Amazon products? The review has little impact


Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
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As an Amazon seller, you should know that Amazon has always been from the user's point of view, paying great attention to user experience, and has always been a product focused seller. As long as the product is good enough, Amazon will give you a certain preference, such as ranking, etc. Today we will talk about the search ranking of Amazon products.

The most direct way for users to find products is to search. Enter product keywords directly from the Amazon search box, and interested users will click directly. This means that sellers need to work hard on listing. If the listing page is perfect, users will not be afraid of not finding you.

What are the factors that affect the search ranking of Amazon products


Most buyers will search for product reviews first when they buy things. If the product reviews account for the majority, buyers may also trust the product and place an order soon. If the product reviews are too bad, buyers may not look at it and close the page directly. Therefore, high-quality reviews are the key to improving the product search ranking and the cornerstone of increasing user trust.


Q&A questions are basically the questions raised by the buyer about the product, and then the seller gives professional answers. If the questions raised by QA can solve the buyer's concerns, the buyer may be able to place an order quickly. QA also plays an important role in listing search rankings, so the seller must not ignore it.

3、Conversion rate

The higher the product sales volume, the higher the conversion rate. The products with high conversion rate also rank higher. Of course, there are many reasons that affect the product sales volume. For example, if the price is set too high or too low, the product sales volume will be affected.

4、Product sales

Generally speaking, for products with good sales, the product search ranking will be higher. Amazon will update the product sales ranking every hour. A good product description is exactly what users need. A good sales data can also be displayed in listing. Users can find products immediately by directly searching for products.

5、Customer satisfaction

Amazon attaches great importance to user experience. Generally speaking, if users have good reviews, they will definitely rank higher, with fewer returns, low order defect rate, and favorable reviews from customers. Of course, Amazon's product search ranking will rank higher.


As we all know, the listing page contains a lot of content, including title, description, product key points, keywords and product categories. You need to do a good job in basic work to ensure that listing is displayed and processed in a better way, which can attract users to stay. Click the listing page to improve the conversion rate of the product, and then affect the search ranking of the product.

7、Search relevance

The product relevance must be set well. For example, your category is clothing, but the description is other products. The seller makes mistakes. It is impossible to expect users to find your product.

The product number, specifications, parameters, including product features and key points, should be clearly written, so that users can know what the product is for at a glance. Of course, the description should be good, which can stimulate users' desire to buy.

There are many factors that affect the search ranking of Amazon products. Blueocean Yiguan reminds you that as long as Amazon sellers make breakthroughs one by one and do a good job carefully, the search ranking of products will rise significantly.

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