The seller called the police and filed a case. The freight forwarder pretended to be another company to receive the goods. He collected the money for air transportation and shipped the goods by sea


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Recently, cross-border e-commerce freight forwarding industry has witnessed frequent chaos. As one practitioner said, "There are many ghosts and monsters this year."

Recently, a freight forwarding company found that an employee used his private account to collect the seller's freight payment many times during his tenure.
Fortunately, the freight forwarding company found out the situation, made a recovery, handed the money back to the seller, and issued a notice stating:
Solemnly declare:
Our employee * * * (WeChat user:.
Please also pay attention to the screening information when transferring money to avoid being cheated. In addition, friends from the same industry should polish their eyes and do a good job of reciting when looking for partners!
In addition, it is more common to raise the price and then provide low price services.
Some unscrupulous freight forwarding companies"He collected the money for air transportation, but sent it to the seller by sea", resulting in a serious delay in the arrival time, the Amazon store ran out of goods, and the ranking plummeted.
A seller revealed that he took a batch of air transportation in October, but it was not until these two days (the end of December) that the goods arrived,Two full months have passed.  The seller suspected that the freight forwarder had received the money for air transportation, but in fact it was transported by sea.
In this case, the seller looks for a freight forwarding company to argue, but it seems to have little effect. Because the goods have not been lost. They have arrived at their destination safely. It is just a problem of delay. Even if they have to lose money, it is symbolic, and they can't lose much.
Some bad freight forwarding companies just grasped this point and frequently pitted sellers.
Recently, Ms. Li, the seller of Amazon, was also punished by a freight forwarding company.
Ms. Li told the Frontline of Cross border E-Commerce: "The freight forwarding company said that the goods would arrive in about 27 days, but they actually left4 months.
On August 27 this year, Ms. Li entrustedShenzhen Pai * * Yun Freight Agency Co., Ltd, transport a batch of goods. To his surprise,It used to take only one month to deliver, but it took four months

Seagoing information The seller has reported the case, the freight forwarder pretends to be another company to receive the goods, and the freight forwarder collects the money for air transportation and goes to sea transportation

(Chat record submitted by the seller)
At that time, when the freight forwarding company was soliciting goods, it sent Ms. Li a "business license for the company" to increase trust. At that time, Liao, a salesman of the freight forwarding company, told Ms. Li that,The goods are shipped by Meisen ship and received at Meisen price.
The b2b seller has reported to the police and filed a case. The freight forwarder pretends to be another company to receive the goods and takes the money for air transportation by sea
As the delay was very serious, Ms. Li found that:The goods did not go to Meisen at all, but to Yixing.
"At that time, it was found that there was something fishy, but the goods had not been received, so the attitude was not so tough. I didn't come to the public until December 20, when I received the goods," Ms. Li said.
It's not easy to persist, pay attention, praise, and give us the motivation to persist
The seller of the e-commerce platform has filed an alarm, the freight forwarder pretends to be another company to receive the goods, and takes the money for air transportation by seaThe first line of cross-border e-commerceFocus on me. Yiguan Information Channel reports the industry trends at the first time.111 original contentofficial account
For Amazon sellers, it was supposed to arrive at the end of September, but it was finally delayed until the end of December, which will inevitably lead to great losses. For example, delayed warehousing occurs,As a result, the products cannot be put on the shelves on time, and the order quantity of the store will inevitably drop sharply.
Moreover, when a listing is out of stock for a long time, the weight and ranking of the listing will decline, and the later operation and maintenance costs will be higher.
Ms. Li also said that in addition to some freight losses, her product functions also failed.
On December 22, Ms. Li applied to the local police for investigation
The cross-border shipping seller has filed an alarm, the freight forwarder pretends to be another company to receive the goods, and takes the money for air transportation by sea
One seller believed that this was an economic dispute, and the alarm was only a means of safeguarding rights, but the actual effect was really hard to say.
Another seller said that the other party received the goods at Meisen's price and transported the goods with stars,It should be a fraud, can report to the Market Supervision Administration, the effect should be better than the alarm.
Due to the continuous fermentation of this incident, the involved freight forwarding company responded
The cross-border e-commerce seller has filed an alarm, the freight forwarder pretends to be another company to receive the goods, and takes the money for air transportation by sea
The internal staff of the company said externally that,Recently, some criminals have impersonated our salesman and received goods in our name. Please be careful
With the immediate response of the companies involved, it can be seen that the salesman "Liao" who communicated with Ms. Li may be an unscrupulous freight forwarder who receives goods at high prices and delivers goods through low channels.
In the process of looking for a freight forwarder, domestic sellers must keep their eyes open to avoid being cheated.
In fact, similar incidents often occur, and countless sellers have been entrapped.
When communicating with the seller, some freight forwarders said that the goods were transported by air, but in factBy sea and rail, or by express ship to the seller, but by ordinary ship.
Last year, especially in the most serious period of the epidemic, some logistics providers' ability to "fish in troubled waters" made many sellers suffer heavy losses.
For example, Mr. Cao, the seller, communicated with a "freight forwarding company" salesperson about shipment through WeChat in May last year. The salesman has always claimed to Mr. Cao that the company willThe goods were collected by air, but were finally shipped by sea.
This directly led toIt took more than a month for the goods to arrive at the destination in a few days。 During this period, Mr. Cao asked the salesman of the freight forwarding company many times, and the other side mostly prevaricated with the reasons of customs inspection and failure to get the appointment number.
For cross-border sellers, such high price receiving and low channel delivery operations will disrupt the store's previous sales plan, affect product sales, and even cause the store to collapse.
So, how can sellers find reliable freight forwarders?
1. Background and qualification of freight forwarding company:At present, the number of freight forwarding companies in the industry is very large, but the quality is also uneven. If necessary, the seller can go to the company's office for an interview.
For example, refer to the size of the company, whether the company's qualifications are complete, whether there is a core stable customer base, etc. Of course, you can also choose a freight forwarding company recommended by a friend, provided that he also often uses the freight forwarding company to deliver goods.
2. Overseas operation capabilityMany sellers know that Amazon FBA warehouse has certain requirements for the overseas operation capability of freight forwarding companies.
However, there are two kinds of overseas operation outlets for domestic freight forwarding companies, one is self built, and the other is agent service. Therefore, freight forwarding companies with self built overseas operation capabilities can better reflect their strong strength and management capabilities.
3. Service capability,Today, there are tens of millions of types of goods sold by sellers, which can be divided into whole containers, bulk goods, super large goods, super heavy goods, etc. These packaging differences also make the delivery methods and logistics channels diversified.
If the seller is looking for a freight forwarding company, it can develop a more excellent and safe delivery plan, which can also enable the seller to avoid risks in the delivery process in advance.
Therefore, the professionalism and service ability of the freight forwarding company are also very important, and the seller should have a detailed understanding when selecting.
It is suggested that domestic sellers should spend more time and energy to understand when choosing a freight forwarding company. Although price is one aspect, timeliness and safety of delivery are more important. (The first line of cross-border e-commerce, because of the requirements, the seller in the article is a pseudonym)
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