Big action of ByteDance? Another e-commerce app has emerged!


Author:Lu Xueping
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The competition in the domestic e-commerce market is becoming fiercer. Several big names have successively deployed cross-border e-commerce. Ali, Tencent, JD and other domestic e-commerce giants have frequently acted. Recently, it was reported that ByteDance has also launched an independent e-commerceAPP Mall.


ByteDance new cross-borderAPP launch


It is reported that,ByteDance recently launched an independent e-commerceAPP Mall - Fanno. Industry insiders said that this is the ByteDance relayTikTok Shopping is another independent e-commerce app launched after the integration of sales and advertising functions. The Fanno app seemed to have been launched in a low-key manner a few months ago, but few people knew about it at that time.


In response to this message, ByteDance also explicitly replied that it was true, and said thatFanno is an e-commerce product in the early stages of exploration and provides a comprehensive category with high cost-effectiveness to global users.


Since the news spread, many insiders and outsiders have been concerned aboutFanno Platform DetailsandEntry RulesVery concerned(Entry details can be viewed at the end of the article). It is understood that currentlyFanno mainly targetsTens of thousands of European countries including the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and SpainSKU, product categories include headphones, clothing, fitness, pets, and more.


Not only is the product range complete, but the platform's product prices are also relatively affordable. It is reported that,The prices of most products on Fanno are between 1 and 16 euros, with European consumersSpending single digit pounds is enoughBuy watches, clothing, accessories, etc.


B2b ByteDance big action? Another e-commerce app has emerged!


Fanno's homepage is divided into“Hot selling and hot selling area”“Recommended for you”“Daily Specials Multiple sectors have also launched activity zones during the Black Five period. To attract more users to download,Fanno is atService, Priceas well asconsumerismWe have put in a lot of effort in this regard,14 days return without reason, refund within 30 days of delivery dateEnsure greater protection of consumer rights and interests.


aboutThe entry requirements for Fanno mainly include the following three points:


1. Having experience in operating overseas e-commerce platforms or independent stations, as well as stores;

2. The monthly sales revenue shall not be less than 500000 US dollars or the daily average order volume shall be greater than 10000 orders (corresponding evidence is required);

3. European overseas warehouses (FBA, third-party overseas warehouses, etc.) are required.


There are reports that,Fanno's current entry method is official targeted invitation. Sellers who meet the above basic conditions and have the intention to enter can go to the official website( )Register and fill out the intention to settle in form( -Jpio), sellers who meet the application will receive an invitation, and the Fanno operation team will contact the enterprise within 3-5 working days after receiving the questionnaire. Please register a Feishu account in advance.


at presentFanno has not authorized any third party to conduct merchant investment and settlement work, and official channel information shall prevail.


Regarding the various subsidies and discounts currently launched on the platform, some practitioners have expressed that in today's multi-channel operation, this new platform is a good choice. But at the same time, some industry insiders have expressed different opinions


A: Which app was first launched without platform subsidies? But what's left after that?

B: The layout of overseas warehouses may be an additional advantage, but with the addition of warehousing and delivery fees, the price advantage no longer exists.

C: If there is less traffic, it is necessary to distribute goods, thus losing the cost advantage, and the remaining small profits will be further compressed. Therefore, many of the products that have already entered the market are selling in a distribution style.


In the view of some sellers, as a model of localization of Chinese outbound brands, ByteDance is launched this timeAlthough Fanno is full of allure, it has drawbacks in terms of traffic, threshold, and supply chain. Some sellers who have already settled in have even expressed that "this is an enhanced version of AliExpress", and small and medium-sized sellers should not settle in at once.


Meanwhile, a seller discovered thatFanno has recently started recruiting on a recruitment platform and seems to have started building an operations team


Monthly salary50000! ByteDance recruitment omnipotent operation


When searching for ByteDance,On some recruitment software, the editorI seeAndByteDance cross-border e-commerce related recruitment information,However, it is currently unclear whether these positions are for operational purposesFanno prepared it.


You can see through the recruitment informationExit,RecruitedpostIt is a cross-border e-commerce operationLeader, workplaceLocated inGuangzhou, salary is25K-50K.It has to be said that this salary is considered high among similar positions in Guangzhou, but correspondingly, the job requirements and job responsibilities are not simple.


Applicants need toHaving operational experience in cross-border e-commerce platforms or major multinational brands,The main job responsibilities includeResponsible for the full cycle operation of cross-border stores, including product recruitment, planning, product incubation, and event planning,as well asCoordination and resource integration in the supply chain.


From the job description and requirements, it can be seen that,haveOperating experience in the fashion category industryPriority is given to applicants who need to operateBeauty, clothing, etcproduct,This is related toThe categories currently on sale by Fanno also match.


As we all know,The category of fashion clothing products is a popular category in Europe and America,There are also quite a few SKUs. In addition, the domestic clothing supply chain is also relatively complete with demandThere is a supply chain,From this perspective,It is reasonable for Byte to choose clothing as its first stop in e-commerce.


althoughFanno didn't warm up before its launch, but in the opinion of industry insiders, it is not surprising that ByteDance enters the cross-border e-commerce market. After all, it was exposed beforeExitByteDance founded MagellanXYZ team to enter the cross-border e-commerce market.


Does the "Magellan" team operate? ByteDance vigorously enters the cross-border e-commerce market


Fanno was operated by the Magellan XYZ team, "said an industry insider. In fact, as early as December last year, the news that ByteDance would march into cross-border e-commerce was frequently heard,Project code within itFor Magellan, nowThe launch of Fanno confirmed this news.


Industry insiders based onFanno's online guess is that Magellan project is a kind of layout of cross-border e-commerce outbound in ByteDance,hisTikTok's e-commerce business intersects with the Magellan project, while Magellan internally focuses on establishing independent shopping malls to develop its own business.


From the perspective of insiders, ByteDance is entering cross-border e-commerce business through multiple paths, including content advertising realization, guided transaction and onlineThe Fanno platform is the best example.


"The time for ByteDance to enter cross-border e-commerce is really opportune. Many cross-border sellers are worried and looking for a third-party platform to spread risks under the tide of Amazon titles," said an insider. The launch of Fanno undoubtedly presents a huge opportunity for many sellers.


ByteDance of e-commerce platform? Another e-commerce app has emerged!


BackrestTikTok's huge traffic pool has made many sellers interested inFanno heartbeatOne of the reasons is that ByteDance's overall layout of cross-border e-commerce is not limited to this. In addition to the earlier investment in cross-border blockbusters Starlingke, Patoson and Zongteng,Recently, ByteDance also affects cross-border logistics enterprisesIMile has invested millions of dollars.


According to insiders, the team under ByteDance will increase its cooperation withCollaborate with SaaS enterprises to fundamentally solve supply chain, logistics, operational and other challenges.


But some practitioners also expressed that,If Fanno adopts a self operated model, it needs to establish a strong supply chain and buyer team, and the operational requirements will also be higher. These issues need to be considered and solved, and it is not ruled out that Fanno may have an open platform after becoming larger.

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