14400 pairs! Infringement of playing cards seized by Longgang Customs


Author:Yu Xiaoying
Source: ennews

Recently,Longgang Customs in cross-border e-commerce channelsFor goodsConduct inspectionWhen,Discovered a batchPoker suspected of infringing on American poker companiesofBee trademark,common14400 pairs.Rights holderConfirm,theseThe goods belong to infringing goods. At present, the case has been resolvedthroughTransfer to the customs disposal department for processing.

14400 copies of cross-border e-commerce! Infringement of playing cards seized by Longgang Customs

Image source: Video screenshot released by customs

It is understood that the brandBeeAttributable toAmerican Poker CompanyThe United States Playing Card Company).BeeIt is a specialized card in the world's casinosChild,It is also an indispensable playing card for professional gambling.ItsThe characteristic is that the pattern on the back of the card is single and boundless, which prevents gamblers from making mistakesofPurpose,becausePlaying cards with white edges will have subtle differences when printed, and someone canenoughUse this subtle difference to cheat.Additionally, the brandBeeUsing black core paper,It's okayPreventionX-rays prevent cheating.


Some stage magicians also use this type of card, such as American magician Jeff, known as the principal of magic·McBride also loves a type of card.


For the general public, the most important thing is that its price is relatively affordable and the quality is also good. Search on Amazon America, if you don't look at the shipping cost, you won't findYou can buy two sets of Bee playing cards for $10.


Playing cards is an occasional entertainment for some people, and a daily activity for others. No matter what kind of person they are, they should not be able to stand playing cards with broken cards.After multiple gatherings, the Bee Card still maintains the same appearance as when it was opened. It is said that because the bee card is made of three layers of paper, it is particularly durable.


Poker games are very popular worldwide and have become a way of entertainment for people during the pandemic. Although online poker is currently developing more rapidly, there is still a certain consumer demand for paper poker.


As the world's largest poker manufacturer, American poker companies still have a strong sense of rights protection. In addition to registering relevant trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, it is also filed with the General Administration of Customs in China.


Besides the brandBeeAmerican Poker CompanyStill producingBicycle series, Tally Ho series, etc. As for other poker companies, such as The Elusionist's Ghost series, Black Tiger series, etc., and the Guardian Angel, Centurion, etc. of Theory 11, these are all non infringing.


In the joint law enforcement action carried out recently, the number of infringing goods seized by customs in Guangdong exceeded2.421 million items, including luggage, leather goods, glasses, clothing, etc.


In fact, many brands nowadays, including the ones mentioned in this articleAmerican Poker Company,They will be filed with the General Administration of Customs of China. That is to say, many infringing goods will be discovered during export inspection. Even if they get away with it, they will still face tests from e-commerce platforms, brands, and consumers.

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