EBay acquires Sneaker Con certification business


Author:Wang Dongjie
Source: ennews

Recently,EBay and Sneaker Con Digital reached a final agreement. According to the agreement, eBay acquired Sneaker Con's certification business,This is a sports shoes certification agency, mainly inThe United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Germany.


Sneaker Con was founded in 2009 through its industry-leading activitiesestablishIt is a global sports shoe enthusiast community where people gather to buy, sell and trade popular footwear.Sneaker Con launched the certification business in 2018 and provided industry-leading certification services to further support the sneaker community.


This acquisition isThe extension of continuous cooperation between eBay and Sneaker Con is crucial to support the authenticity of eBay. EBay launched in October 2020The servicefromSneaker Con's team of industry expertsyesThe selected sports shoes on the market shall be comprehensively reviewed and verified.


Authenticity guaranteeremarkableChanged how peopleThe way to buy and sell sports shoes on eBay, with quarterly category growththenIt proves itIn just over a year,GlobalHave super1.55 million pairs of sneakers have been certified on eBay.


Since the launch of the authenticity guarantee,EBay certified product categories are in sync with what inventory collectors are looking for. EBay will continue to use its products to adapt to the resale market trend, ensure a seamless user experience, and provide a trustworthy market for the community.


According to eBay's senior vice president,"EBay has always been a vibrant community of enthusiasts, with knowledgeable buyers, sellers and employees. Last year, we cooperated with Sneaker Con to launch the certification of sports shoes to meet customers' needscriticalDemand forIt has aroused strong response from buyers,This acquisition enables us toContinue to improveeBayserviceAnd bring a higher level of trust and confidence to each transaction.


By acquisitionSneaker Con's certification business, eBaytakeOperate a diversified sports shoes market, with more than1.9 million pairs available for purchaseIt can further enhance the ability of their communities to purchase and sell footwear with full confidence.


Fake brand shoes are common, and this acquisition will further improveThe competitiveness of eBay in the shoe market.

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