The sales of reached 11.3 billion US dollars, and the supply chain crisis is easing?


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According to foreign media reportsWashington Local TimeNovember 29thThe CEO of Wal Mart welcomed the efforts of the Biden government to ease the bottleneck of the supply chain during the holiday, and pointed out that the decision to extend the port time had a positive impact on the flow of goods.


And onWhite House and CEO discuss supply chain issuesHourTell President Joe Biden"We saw progressPort and transit delays are improving


He said"BecausegovernmentWith all the efforts made in overnight work, and due to the team's efforts to divert to other ports, extend our delivery time and develop other creative solutions, we have seen an increase in throughput in the past four weeks. About26%


andWal Mart noted an increase in traffic through Southern California ports51%, which is very helpful for key holiday categories such as toys.


Biden is in contact withHe has taken measures to try to break the supply chain deadlock, including dredging the port and extending the working hours of truck drivers.


The Democratic President also sought to investigate excessive freight rates and possible illegal practices in the oil and gas markets that have kept fuel prices high.


Biden was scheduled to comment on the supply chain, the economy and the fight against inflation after the meeting, but the White House unexpectedly postponed the speech to Wednesday, less than an hour before the original start.


A White House official explained that the President"I hope to ensure that I can spend enough time with the business leaders who are going to the White House today", and pointed out that the media can attend the beginning of the summit.


ThisThe meeting was held after the beginning of the year-end shopping seasonAccording to MasterCardAccording to the data of SpendingPulse, the retail sales of Black Friday increased by 29.8% compared to 2020 at 3:00 p.m. that day.


The bargainers who bought Christmas gifts on the second day after the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States found that due to the online transformationCOVID's concern and discount range are small, and the shops are not so crowded.


It is estimated that the online sales of American retailers on Monday are as high asUS $11.3 billion, down from the same period last year,andDiscount reduction due to global supply chain disruptionconsumerLimited choice,Therefore, the sales volume will decrease compared with the same period.

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