8 times of valuation was acquired, and Amazon stores are still in demand


Author:Wang Dongjie
Source: ennews

In the past two years, e-commerce has developed rapidly. Not only has the number of sellers increased slowly, but also the upsurge of store acquisition, and the seller's valuation has doubled. According to the investigation organizationResearch on Marketplace Pulse,Amazon private brand sellers are using4 to 8 times of SDE (seller's disposable income) is acquired.


Especially this year, the purchase of stores has continued unabated. Some sellers are heartbroken by Amazon. Many of them have the idea of leaving the store. Although they are reluctant to leave the store, it is not a loss that they can finally resell it at a good price. In addition, seeing the potential of e-commerce development in the future, many aggregators have stepped up their acquisition efforts. Previously, there was news about selling stores to Tesla, which shows that sellers are in demand.


stayIn 2020, few buyers bought Amazon sellers at that time. This acquisition concept seems far fetched. At that time, the average valuation of sellers was only 2.5 to 3 times, and sellers were seriously underestimated. Now the market is catching up.


For acquisition, it is usually calculated as a multiple of the seller's disposable income, such as incomeThe seller with SDE profit of $210000 will usually receive more than $1 million in guaranteed payments and surplus payments.


But valuation is not simplyThe SDE is multiplied by a preset multiple. The CEO of Fortunet said: "The transaction structure is more complex now, and not all businesses have the same value,Category, total profit and its trend, growth opportunities and competitive position are the main differentiation factors of valuation.


For those establishing brand holding companies, the multiple of payment is irrelevant, and they are betting on building a portfolio whose future value will be several orders of magnitude higher. In order to fully understand the acquired company, buyers are now more cautious and invest in better due diligence. The current global supply chain problems also make some agreed transactions fall apart.


Among them, the most active buyers are Amazon aggregators. In addition to special brand purchasers, some well-known brands have also started to join the ranks of purchasing Amazon stores, and the team is growing,They areIn 2021, a total of more than $11 billion of financing was raised.


The doubling of the seller's valuation reflects the maturity of the acquisition industry in the past two years. Although it is expected to continue to increase in the future, the speed will slow down.

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