The policy of Meiya Station is updated, and FBA products can be warehoused faster!


Author:Guo Wenpei
Source: ennews

Today, Amazon US announced that when the sellerWhen using Amazon Cooperative Carrier Program, you can benefit fromBox-LevelStock placementService, and no additional charge is required for this.

According to Amazon,Box-LevelStock placement”The service can improve the seller'sDistribution of products in Amazon fulfillment network. For eligiblegoodsAmazonWillhisDivide into multiple box groups,So that itFaster arrivalAmazon warehouse


adoptBox-LevelStock placement”Service, the seller's products can be delivered from the Amazon warehouse nearest to the buyer, providing consumers with faster delivery services. And this service is free of charge, without paying additional freight. In addition, the service also allows the seller toUnderstand thelogisticsstate


Amazon said that,staysellerSelect cooperative carrierplanAs part of the transportation plan,AmazonWill inform whether the shipment is in conformityBox-LevelStock placementconditionSellers do not need to take any action, Amazon will directlyContact cooperative carrierDealing with


Sellers cango toBox-LevelStock placement”Learn more about it.


This new policyThis is good news for FBA the pasttakeOwn goodsSent toSeveral different Amazon warehouses need to spend more freight; Now, throughBox-LevelStock placement”Services. Sellers can send goods to the same warehouse. Amazon will store the seller's products in the warehouse closer to the buyer according to the "Box Level" information.


Under this announcement, many sellers agree with the service. seller"Dh_Master" said that his goods started to be delivered to different Amazon warehouses in early November, and this policy is very good for him! There are also sellers who feel very frustrated because their products do not meet the requirements of this plan.


in general,Box-LevelStock placement”To some extent, the service can save the time and cost of shipping goods to Amazon warehouse, and also improve the delivery speed of goods. This service is very good for qualified sellers.

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