What is Amazon FBA's first journey and what are FBA's first journey logistics


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What is the first step of Amazon FBA for cross-border information, and what are the first steps of FBA logistics

In order to do a good job in Amazon stores, logistics is more important than product selection, promotion and operation. If the seller chooses AmazonFBA and FBA are also very important.

The seller can chooseAmazon FBA First JourneyYou can also choose the third-party first journey logistics, and the seller can choose according to the actual situation.

Amazon FBA has a variety of logistics methods for the first journey, including air transportation, sea transportation and international express. Air transportation is the fastest and the most expensive; There are also fast and slow shipping, and the two costs are different.

What is the first journey of Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA's first statement can be understood simply as that the seller sends products from home to Amazon FBA's warehouse. There are many ways to send, including air, sea and express.

What are Amazon FBA's first logistics

1. FBA Empty+Dispatch

The seller can choose to transport the goods to the port of destination by air, and then successfully transport the products to Amazon FBA warehouse by local delivery.

Although the price of air transportation is relatively high, its timeliness is fast, which is also the reason why many sellers choose products suitable for small items or sellers in urgent need of replenishment.

The time limit for air transportation is generally 10 to 15 working days, and sometimes it will be faster.

Sometimes the price of some aftercabins in air transportation is relatively cheap, and the seller can also choose appropriately.

2. FBA first sea voyage

The sea transportation is suitable for large items, and some goods that do not require high timeliness or are prepared in advance in peak seasons.

The seller chooses to ship the goods to the port of the destination country by sea, and then ship them to the Amazon warehouse by various means, such as truck, express, etc.

The timeliness of shipping cannot be guaranteed. It is greatly affected by the weather, but the cost performance ratio is cheap, which is also the reason many sellers choose.

The time limit for sea transportation is generally 25 to 40 working days, and some may be slower. The time limit cannot be guaranteed.

3. International express

International express delivery is suitable for urgent replenishment, and express delivery does not require an appointment, which is very convenient and less affected.

The four giants of Amazon FBA transportation are usps, UPS, FEDEX and DHL. Different countries may have different costs because of different exchange rates.

Lanhaiyiguan reminds sellers that when choosing Amazon FBA's first journey, they should consider the size of the product, whether the timeliness is high, and the requirements for imported products in the destination country. Only after they understand clearly can they better choose the first journey logistics.

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