What problems will arise in Amazon FBA inventory management and how to avoid them


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What problems will arise in the inventory management of cross-border e-commerce Amazon FBA, and how to avoid them

For Amazon sellers, Amazon FBA inventory management is a technical activity. If the inventory is low, it will lead to shortage, which will have an impact on sales. If the inventory is too large, it will cause a lot of overstock. Not only do you have to pay high storage fees, but also consider how to clear the goods.

Especially for some novice Amazon sellers, the problem of inventory overstock is most likely to occur when the product is first put on the market, because wrong prediction of the selection and inadequate promotion will cause too many inventory management problems.

What problems will arise in Amazon FBA inventory management and how to avoid them

1、Out of stock

The seller did not know the product well, did not replenish the goods in time, the number of goods in stock was too small, the capital shortage was too small, and the supplier was lack of supply. These are the reasons for the shortage of goods in Amazon FBA inventory management.

For out of stock sellers, there are many ways to avoid it, such as checking the product sales table every day and making timely registration, and preparing for replenishment in advance;

How long it takes for products to arrive at the warehouse from the supplier should also be considered to avoid out of stock;

The delivery time should also be clear. For example, when the goods are delivered to the Amazon FBA warehouse, replenishment should be done in a timely manner.

2. Overstock of goods

If the seller is unfamiliar with the product, has too many goods in stock at one time, or has a product problem, such as quality problems, or an error in the listing page, which leads to the user's inability to buy, etc., it will cause a large backlog of goods, bringing great trouble to the seller's shop and the capital chain.

The seller should understand the reasons for the backlog of goods, such as whether it is the product quality problem, the price is too high, the product does not meet the needs of local people, or other reasons, so as to deal with the backlog of goods.

If the product simply does not have exposure, it is necessary to increase the exposure of the product. For example, by investing in online advertising, or participating in Amazon Seckill and promotional activities, you can greatly increase the click through rate and conversion rate, which can solve the problem of overstock of goods;

If there is a problem with the quality of the product, the seller should consider changing to another product. The product with a problem in quality may be abandoned if the price is not very high. If the price is too high, it can be sent to the local overseas warehouse for further treatment;

If it is a problem with the listing page, for example, the picture is not clear, and the user cannot see the product introduction clearly, then the product sales cannot be mentioned. Only by actively optimizing the listing page can we improve the product sales and solve the inventory problem.

3. Stranded cargo

The stranded stock means that the product is in the Amazon FBA warehouse, but there is a problem with the quotation, and users cannot buy it, which leads to excessive stranded stock.

Generally, this kind of detention is due to problems in listing. The seller should find the problems in time and deal with them, and change the listing status to solve the problem.

Blue Ocean Yiguan reminds sellers that,Amazon FBA inventory management,Be sure to develop the habit of checking the inventory regularly. For out of stock or overstocked goods, you can know at the first time, and take timely countermeasures with the help of FBA inventory management tools.

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