Australia delivered a record 21 million packages in November, with the largest proportion in fashion!


Author:Zeng Xuening
Source: ennews

According to Australia Post,November 2021 is the "largest month in the history of online shopping in Australia", with 21 million packages delivered during the sales activities in November, setting a record.


According to Australian PostThe online shopping record in November was 13% higher than that in the same period last year, and 76% higher than that in 2019.


General Manager, Parcel and Courier Services AustraliaBen Franzi said that,The biggest reason for the surge in package volume is this year'sSales activities started early in NovemberMany online business promotions started earlier than last year, and people can rush to buy goods longer than the traditional Black Five.


Therefore, the promotion starts early and the time is extended, so that consumers have more time to consider and place orders. Many merchants said that the special offers had been snapped up before the Black Five.


During the whole weekend including Heiwuhe Wangyi, Australia Post said that it delivered about800000 packages, of which about 444 tons were transported by 21 special planes, an increase of 15% over last year.


Almost a quarter of the parcels come from fashion and clothing retail.Pet supplies and tools, garden supplies, footwear and fashion accessories are also in great demand.


The year-on-year growth rate of pet products is the highest among all categories, with an increase of21.8%;Year on year growth of garden tools and supplies21.1%; The sales volume of footwear increased by 17.8% year on year; The year-on-year growth of fashion accessories and beauty was 12.4% and 10.9% respectively.


Previously, in response toIn the shopping season in November, Australia Post launched the evening delivery service and extended the transaction time. From November 23 to December 23, the transaction time of more than 380 postal outlets nationwide was extended. In addition, dusk delivery services have been added in Melbourne and Perth, which is expected to deliver an additional 25000 packages per day.


Executive General Manager of Australia PostAustralia Post has recruited nearly300 drivers to ensure sufficient manpower. Many post office sites also extend their business hours in order to provide better and more flexible services to customers before the holidays.


Executive General Manager of Australia PostIt was also mentioned that this year's epidemic control policies across Australia have enabled Australians to conduct more online shoppingIn October, there were already about 5.7 million households shopping online, an increase of nearly 15% over last year.Therefore, it is expected that the number of online shopping in Australia will rise to a certain extent before Christmas.


Australia Post reminds businesses and consumers that, in order to ensure the smooth delivery of packages before the festival, it is hoped to pay attention to the time of purchase and discount promotion, so as not to affect the speed of collection and distribution of express mail.

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