Preview of Double Twelfth Hot Products in Southeast Asia!


Source: ennews

Six more days is what everyone is looking forward toIn the "Double Twelfth" shopping season, nowadays, only Chinese people will buy on such special dates. This shopping frenzy has spread to Southeast Asia, and some countries are deeply influenced by Western culture. They attach great importance to Christmas and will prepare holiday supplies before Christmas.


Among them, the Philippines is a country deeply influenced by western culture. It is understood that the Philippines has a three-month Christmas holiday. Generally, on the eve of Christmas, the whole country will have a holiday to prepare for Christmas.


According to the local market demand, in addition to platform activities, let's take a look at the hot selling categories in this year's shopping season and the Double Twelfth Festival in the Philippines. The outbreak of the epidemic has had a great impact on people's consumption behavior. People have more time to live at home, so the consumption expenditure of entertainment equipment will increase.


Among them, digital electronic products, sports cameras, game earphones, air fryers, rice cookers, coffee makers and other electronic products will usher in an outbreak in the Double Twelfth this year.


Fashion clothing bag accessories, as well as various travel bags, sports backpacks, sunglasses and other products will also be the hot sales category of this year's Double Twelfth.


Of course, FMCG products are a major category that can not be ignored. The beauty product market and sales have always been a major part of online shopping; With the continuous enhancement of people's health awareness, the market of health monitoring instruments such as blood glucose meter is also expanding.


Women can be said to be the shopping force of the festival, not only to buy their daily needs, but also to worry about the purchase of many items at home. Among them, the maternal and infant economy is also a major category of the festival, including children's clothing, diapers, toys, and various Christmas supplies.


In addition, the pet economy is also expanding in Southeast Asia, especially Thailand,More and more people become cats and dogsAnd the corresponding market is rising,Pet feeders, pet clothing and other products will also be popular in the Double Twelfth Festival!

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