During the "White Five Year Plan" period, the sales of mobile e-commerce in the United Arab Emirates surged by 43%


Author:Zheng Yang
Source: ennews

White Friday isSouq. Com, a term first put forward in 2014, means the popular Black Five shopping carnival in western countries. In recent years, White Five has developed steadily in the United Arab Emirates, and has rapidly become one of the largest annual activities in the country's retail industry.


according toAccording to AppsFlyer's statistics on consumers' spending on e-commerce applications, during the White Friday (November 26) this year, the total installed amount of shopping applications in the United Arab Emirates increased by 24%, and the overall spending on mobile terminals increased by 43%. During the period from February to April, the revenue of mobile shopping applications increased by 105% before Ramadan.


This shows that White Friday is now a popular shopping festival in the United Arab Emirates. Although the number of shopping applications installed during this year's White Friday has increased compared with the number installed on the previous FridayIn 2020, the installation volume actually decreased by 41% compared with the white five year plan.


But this phenomenon is also a good omen for traditional physical retail storesAccording to Samer Saad, regional manager of AppsFlyer Middle East, this is a trend that can be seen in other countries. With the gradual improvement of the epidemic, people are now more willing to return to offline physical stores for consumption.


That being said,The data of AppsFlyer also shows that, although the installation of mobile applications has decreased compared with last year's White Five Year Plan, the overall spending level of users has actually increased by 43% during the White Five Year Plan period in 2021. This means that the average spending of consumers has increased compared with last year.


Saad also mentioned that in view of the rapid recovery of the United Arab Emirates in the past 12 months and the positive impact of the 2020 World Expo and other government initiatives on the country's economy, consumer confidence has increased.


Mobile applications have become an important link between consumers and enterprises. It is reported that91% of UAE enterprises provide mobile applications for customers, and mobile marketing has gradually become the key to help enterprises stand out and occupy market share.

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