If attacked by black hat, what should the seller do except ask Amazon for help?


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Seagoing Information was attacked by black hat means. In addition to asking Amazon for help, what should the seller do?

On the Amazon platform, black hat behaviors "come and go", and it is not surprising that sellers are attacked by black hat.

Generally speaking, when a seller is suddenly informed that ASIN has been taken off the shelf and the sales of a best-selling product has been suspended due to violation of the rules on the details page, he may be shocked and confused because he has not filled in the illegal words in the background keywords, nor changed the product image.

However, the picture on the detail page does change. It does not match the product described in title and five points, as shown in the following example.

Sailing to sea was attacked by black hat. Besides asking Amazon for help, what should the seller do?

exceptAsk Amazon for helpWhat should the seller do? What else can I do?

These problems and actions can be considered carefully according to the specific situation:

1. Are there any special false negative comments recently? If yes, report toAmazon's "Product Review Abuse (PRA)" team, provide evidence

2. Do you know who the main competitors are? Have you ever placed an order from the seller before? See if you can find a trace, report it to Amazon, and let a special team follow up

3. Are competitors active behind the scenes in planning groups or social media groups? Amazon has begun to realize that some groups are set up for black hat operations. If a competitor is in a black hat group, you can report the group or the competitor (if you can)

4. Is the product drawing modified? Is the five point description edited? Are illegal keywords added? These may be "internal team abuse" behaviors, which can be reported to Amazon, and then marked with the abuse, and the ASIN can be recoveredExplain to the Amazon MPA team (Marketplace Policy Abuse) which content of listing has been changed

5. False IP complaints may occur at any time. Does the sellerPrepare all intellectual property documents, viaBrand RegistrySubmit with the Seller Support team and open a case? If the Amazon Brand Rajistry department ignores the seller or the robot replies, it can complain to the Amazon VP team. The complaint infringement team does not do its job well

In a word, although it is not easy to contact the Amazon team, brand sellers still need to push the Amazon team to solve the problem.

Deal with brand abuse on Amazon in an orderly manner

First of all, it is necessary to determine who the other party is who abuses the means. Sometimes it can be found, sometimes it is impossible. However, it can at least let the seller track the actions that competitors have taken against the seller for a long time.

If the seller can only find the movement trace of the other party and report it directly to Amazon, if it can also find the specific date and time of the other party's attack, or even what tools and services the other party uses, it would be better for Amazon to be more willing to help the seller solve the problem (because it is worth it).

Secondly, because the product listings can be changed through the Flat file or feed, the seller can open a case to the Seller Support team or a ticket to the Brand Registry team,Write down changes to listings

If you can't lock the black hat seller, then provide these information to Amazon for tracking.

Third,Show the Amazon team the cases opened by the seller but not yet resolvedIf there is SAM (Strategic Account Manager), show them the time when the seller last updated the listings, and ask them to investigate and find out where the unauthorized change of listings comes from.

Of course, if it is ignored, directly upgrade the case, contact the Amazon manager or VP team, and apply for real investigation and action measures.

It was also emphasized that before being attacked by black hat, the seller's product listings had no violation information.

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