Canada's Black Five lost its luster, and the total retail sales dropped by 6%!


Author:Wang Meirong
Source: ennews

According to foreign media, this yearThe fourth quarter started strongly in Canada.The retail sales in October increased by 6% compared with 2020 and 11% compared with 2019.


Statistics show that one third of Canadians say they areThe holiday shopping started or ended in October. Although the overall growth in October madepleasantly surprised, but the rest of the fourth quarter will face challenges. This is most obvious in the dark.


According to the report,One of the main factors affecting Black Friday is time. In Canada, Black Friday was first promotedStarting from late October 2021. Black Friday is a day of shopping experienceHas become the past tense。 Over the years, the transaction has softened, and the Black Five itself has been extended to a somewhat unimportant few weeks, which is almost unattractive to ordinary Canadian consumers.


according toPreliminary data of early retail indicators show that as ofIn the week of November 27, 2021, Canada's total retail sales (excluding clothing and footwear) fell by 6%. Compared with 2019, the sales of small household appliances, technology, toys and household products also declined on Black Friday,The reason is that consumers buy in advance.


blackfiveperiodCanadianTV sales have been goodAnd has been very popular in the past two years, butIt will decrease by 37% in 2020. The toy industry also seems to have lost some luster: the sales volume of Black Friday fell sharply compared with 2020. This decline may be attributed to the fact that many best-selling toys are harder to find this year. As many Black Five shoppers know, finding these hot items may mean visiting different retailers multiple times or replacing them with different gifts altogether.


For clothing, footwear and beauty industries, the situation is much more encouraging. As consumers begin to slowly return to work, school, social and entertainment, they begin to return to these underperforming parts of the market. One example is the beauty industry, as ofIn the week of November 27, 2021, the sales of this industry increased by 43% compared with 2020 and 26% compared with 2019.


It is understood that,Black Five continues to attractGeneration Z consumersShops and shopping centers in major cities are occupied by young consumers.The country's final sales this year will also be affected by the epidemic.

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