Etsy has frozen some seller accounts due to tax updates!


Author:Wang Meirong
Source: ennews

Recently,EtsyAnnounced that,They must check or update their taxpayersofID and address, otherwiseSome sellersYour account may be frozen in January. However,according toSome sellerscall,EtsyActually, earlyDuring the shopping seasonAlreadyFrozen theiraccount.


Regarding this,Etsy suggests sellers,fromStarting from January 2022, stores without archived taxpayer information willfaceFreeze. To ensure thatconsumerThe sales experience and payment will not be disrupted,The seller must meet the deadlineUpdate or inspect taxpayersofID and Address!

E-commerce platform Etsy has frozen some seller accounts due to tax updates!


It is understood that,Etsy cited new tax regulations that require it to report payments exceeding $600 processed on behalf of sellers starting from the 2022 tax year. Currently, payment processors such as Etsy and PayPal must issue IRS forms for sellers who process over 200 transactions, total amountAt least20 thousanddollar.


buthavesellerWednesday saidThey did receive an email notificationBut the sellerEncountered trouble updating the account. The seller is very confused and doubts whether they haveTax ID causedYesList disabled.


According to the seller, heAlready onEtsySales onOne year,butFor certain thingsIt's not very familiar.The seller isReceived tax emailafterGo find itI lost myselfThe store manager has updatedoneselfofEIN number, but EtsystillIncorrect statement and frozenIts store. Afterwards, the sellerUpdatedOwn SSNEverything just returned to normal.


The seller also stated that theyAll accountsBothEtsyDisabled. The seller is very helpless and unaware of themselvesWhat else can be done in this situation. The seller is looking forward to itEtsy, reply as soon as possiblehisEmail. Not only the above two sellers have experienced account freezes, but other sellers have also experienced similar situations. A seller said, 'SinceAlready presentThere have been no problems on Etsy for 10 years, until now.


It is reported that currentlyThe Etsy seller did not receive corresponding support and any response, although some sellers with frozen accounts provided some experience, this does not help all sellers.

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