More than 800 sellers have been sued in the new brand case


Author:Wang Dongjie
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The barbell buckle poses a risk of infringement.


In recent years, outdoor and fitness categories have become increasingly popular, and the epidemic has become a powerful catalyst. Household fitness equipment has also ushered in a wave of sales boom. Among sports equipment, barbells are relatively popular, and when it comes to barbells, barbell buckles are essential.


However, relevant sellers should note that barbell buckles pose a risk of infringement. Recently, a hidden case has been exposed, and the brand that defends its rights is the barbell buckle brand. The company's main products are various types of barbell buckles. In addition to being available on its official website, Amazon is also its layout platform,One of them still hasThe "Amazon's Choice" tag has a five-star rating.

More than 800 sellers have been sued in the case of a new brand going abroad

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The buckle can be easily installed and removed, with sufficient clamping force to firmly secure during exercise, and there are also elastic pads and resin frames for protection, available in four color types. Buyers have also expressed their opinions in the comment section:


BuyerA: I have been using the gym buckle before, but after a friend recommended it, I fell in love with it and haven't changed it in all these years.


BuyerB: Installation and disassembly are very convenient, although they are firmly clamped, they are effortless to remove.


BuyerC: It is very safe and can be firmly fixed without sliding under any circumstances.


Many professional fitness enthusiasts in the comment section have given high praise.


When searching for keywords on Amazon, you can see various brands of barbell buckles, as well as several popular models with ratings of tens of thousands, indicating their popularity. However, relevant sellers also need to avoid the risk of infringement.


This product also hasTrademark rights and appearance patents. exceptSeveral brand trademarks related to 'Lock Jaw', as well as graphic trademarks, sellers should pay attention to lightning protection.In addition, sellers should also conduct timely self inspection on the appearance to see if there is any infringement behavior.

More than 800 sellers have been sued in the case of a new cross-border e-commerce brand

 More than 800 sellers have been sued in the case of a new brand going abroad

(Image sourceUSPTO

The rights protection case number is21-cv-5712,Currently, there areMore than 800 sellers have been sued, and many have received notifications of account freezes.


Blocking infringing accounts is the most common issue faced by Amazon sellers. Regardless of the category they engage in, sellers must conduct market research and mitigate the risk of infringement to avoid unnecessary losses.

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