The format error of the video advertisement uploaded by the seller was rejected by Amazon!


Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
Source: egainnews

Video advertising is a new advertising promotion mode launched by Amazon in recent years. More and more platform sellers have begun to use this promotion mode to promote their stores.

However, some sellers often encounter some problems when using this new promotion method.

One of them is that Amazon refused to pass the video advertisement upload due to errors.

Recently, the seller of the US website reported that he would encounter similar problems after he finished producing the draft video advertisement.

It is understood that the seller submitted three video templates to Amazon before this, which were rejected by Amazon. The platform also gave reasons for refusal in the following emails:

oneThe video ads uploaded by the seller do not meet the resolution requirements of Amazon.

twoThe seller may adopt mailbox mode or mailbox mode.

threeThe language in the video conflicts with or does not match the language of the region where the advertisement is displayed.

"It seems that Amazon made a mistake. The size and duration of the videos I uploaded were all made according to the requirements of the platform." The seller said.

In this regard, one of the other sellers said that they should check whether there are other website addresses in the video. In addition, if there are sounds in the video, it should also correspond to the local language.

A seller believed that if the video content format did not meet the requirements, he could find a professional artist to handle it and upload it again.

Another insider suggested that according to previous seller feedback, there should be as little text description in video ads as possible, so that the probability of passing the review will be higher.

So, what are the possible reasons for the unsuccessful video advertisement upload?

First of all, the video resolution that Amazon refers to is not necessarily a pixel problem, but it may also be that the video format does not meet Amazon's requirements.

Secondly, black and white frames and blank frames may be used at the beginning or end of video advertisements.

At the same time, a black edge appears on any side of the video advertisement, which will also be rejected by Amazon.

Finally, it is also a mistake often made by sellers that the text and voice descriptions in the video do not match the language of the advertising area.

To sum up, sellers should avoid such problems in the process of uploading video ads to ensure that they can pass the review quickly.

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