The second-hand furniture is popular due to the rapid development of the second-hand market in the United States


Author:Wu Shuai
Source: ennews

According to foreign mediaLinesecond-handThe market is growing rapidly,Growth rateBeyond traditional clothingmarket


According to resale enterpriseFloorFound surveyed more than nine out of ten American consumers92%% of respondents have bought online in the pastsecond-handMerchandise.95%People ofWill buy the brand at a discountsecond-handMerchandise.


For large items77% of respondents plan to buy furniture returned or used lightly in the next year or two.At the same time,89% wantWhen buying second-hand furniture,Shopping experience, delivery and customer support and purchase of new furnitureidentical


tenEight out of ten respondents said they would like brands to provide more sustainable choices,FloorFound estimates that 50% of the furniture brand sales in the next five years will be for resale.


Other interesting findings include: three-quarters of respondents75%Said they were willing to keep the furniture they planned to return until they found a new buyerNearly nine tenths88%Percent said they would like to try furniture"Old for new" program, which will allow them to return old goods in exchangePoints or discounts


At the same time,fromGlobalData is conducted for online resale platform ThredUpofA surveydisplay, more than half(52%) are worried that the popular holiday gifts this year will be more expensive, and one third believe that limited inventory will make it difficult to find gifts. Therefore, 49% of respondents saidThey are considering buying other gifts during the holiday, such asSecond hand products


The study also found that,Generation Z respondents are particularly open to second-hand holiday gifts, of which 72% are willing to accept second-hand gifts, whileOf all respondents, this ratio is66%。 Sustainability is the largest second hand holiday gift purchased by Generation Z respondentsreason64%, andAt allThe proportion of respondents is54%The second reason is to save money62% of Gen Z respondents are willing to buy second-hand gifts to save money.


"If you are an e-commerce brand that does not engage in resale business, you miss a good opportunity to meet a new generation of consumers who want to support brands with a sense of sustainable developmentYou can find high-quality and inexpensive products”Chris, CEO of FloorFound Richter said.

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