The demand for home decoration may cool down next year, Lowe's is preparing for the industry callback!


Author:Wang Meirong
Source: ennews

stayepidemic situationDuring this period, Americans repaired the yardDo manual itemsAnd redecorating the roomMore timeThus promoting the sales of relevant products, whileLowe’sIs one of them. According to the retailer, in this contextSales have increased. But the company warned that,suchThe strong pace may cool down in the next year


The companyHe said that compared with this year,Same store sales may decline in FY2022reach3% orAnd beforeRoughly flat.hisChief Executive OfficerMarvin Ellison said,However, itsThe company can continue to drive growth by introducing its own brand, attracting more family professionals and making its e-commerce business faster and more efficient.


The total sales of the same store in the next year will beBetween $94 billion and $97 billion.However, this is lower than analysts' estimates.


According to foreign media, the companyThe company's share price has risen by about60%,The main reason is that no matter in the peak season or off season, the demand for consumer housing is strongmarket valueCurrentlyreachUS $173.52 billion.


Chief Financial OfficerDave Denton said that the retailer expected its sales to surpass its competitors,Business volume will also continue to increase。 But heAlso indicates thatThe company alsoOn forPrepare for a moderate industry callback in 2022.


He alsoSaid that the company could expand e-commerce business by introducing new private brandsandOne stop shop to help the elderly care at home to continue to drive growthThis measure of the company is conducive to the growth of its sales performance.


meanwhileRelevant responsible personAdvantageousIt will also benefit the company in the backgroundIncluding increased capital in consumer savings accounts, historically low interest rates, rising home values, and aging U.S. housing inventories. He saidAvenueAbout two-thirds of the company's sales are from repair and maintenance.


It is understood that,The company plans to buy back about$12 billion in shares.

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