be careful! EBay will update the import VAT of goods sold to France


Author:Li Kai
Source: ennews

Today,EBay issues a notice indicating thatFrom January 2022, eBay will collect VAT on all articles sent directly from outside the EU to France. This provision will also apply to articles over 150 euros.


Later,EBay pointed out that for this provision,The seller needs to takefollowingget some action


1. For values not exceeding150 Euro items,The seller needsMake sure to add on the packageEBay's IOSS number.


2.  For values exceeding150 Euro items,The seller needs to ensure thatAdded on packageFrench VAT number for eBay.


3. The seller needsProvide correctEBay France VAT numberMeanwhile, the sellerThe logistics carrier of must electronically transmit the number to the customs authority, otherwise the buyer may pay VAT again when receiving the goods.


4. The seller needs to contactLogistics carrier contactUnderstand how they will handle and transmitEBay sales tax number


5. If the seller has registered for VAT, please update thePublish on eBay's EU website, and provide its tax inclusive price and the tax rate used to calculate the tax inclusive price, so as to ensure that the product meets the EU's compliance requirements and the price published by the seller is competitive.


6. sellerYou can use thethisLink onAdd VAT number to eBay account:


IfThe seller has notRegistered VATEBay gives the following tips:


1. IfThe seller has notIf VAT is registered, it is unnecessary to add VAT rate in the publication.


2. For articles imported into the EU (including France) andEBay must beSeller's RepresentativeWhen VAT is levied,eBayWill besellerThe price including tax is calculated based on the published price.


3. The current VAT regulations will not be affected by the new regulations on direct mail to France. For direct mail from outside the EU to France and no more thanEBay will still collect VAT on 150 euro items.


Later,EBay reminds sellers to get familiar with the above regulations as soon as possible and make corresponding preparations. If the seller has any questions, he can consult the tax adviser. In addition, eBay will not collect import tariffs, but some buyers may still need to pay import tariffs to logistics carriers.

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