The UK will cancel most of the COVID-19 restrictions, and online shopping consumption may be affected


Source: ennews

According to foreign media,British Prime Minister JohnsonOn the 19th, it was announced that the restrictions of Plan B COVID-19 would be cancelled next week, including working at home, mandatory wearing masks in stores and public transport, and showing COVID-19 pass when entering and leaving large places


As soon as this news comes out, British people will have more opportunities to travel. In daily life, offline shopping may become a relatively fast way of consumption.


Previously, the UK implemented strictEpidemic prevention and controlMeasures: People live and work at home. The sales of offline stores are deeply affected by the epidemic, while online sales are also growing in this period. At present, the move that Britain is about to remove most of the COVID-19 restrictions may have an impact on people's shopping methods.


According to the Global Times, a British epidemiologist once called Omikjon"Dawn of ending the spread of COVID-19".


According to the expert's opinion, the appearance of Omikjon just shows that COVID-19 has been weak in the evolutionary process, or that they have made a compromise, and the new strain will no longer have any impact on the human body in the future.


In fact, however, the spread of Omikajon still poses a great threat to people's health. In some countries in South Africa with poor medical and technological conditions, Omikajon has even replaced the traditional Delta virus and become the main epidemic virus that kills the local people. As far as the current global situation is concerned, the infection of Omikjon is still deepening.


Judging from the fact that some groups in the United States have been resisting prevention and control, the American people have been pursuing the so-called"Human rights" and "freedom" have protested against strict epidemic prevention and control measures, and facts have also proved that since the outbreak of the epidemic, the United States has always been the most severely affected country in the world.


I don't know how long this round of measures to relax epidemic restrictions in the UK will last. I remind sellers here that they should always pay attention to the dynamics of the epidemic prevention and control measures in the UK, so as to better layout the store goods and do a good job in store marketing scientifically and reasonably.

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