Etsy surveys sellers? Email authenticity questioned


Author:Wang Meirong
Source: ennews

Recently, some foreign countriesEtsyThe seller said that he had received an investigation email from the platform, but he doubted the authenticity of the email.


havesellerexpressEtsyOnly in a very short timeInvestigation.The seller said that recently heI got itcome fromAn investigation report of Etsy seems very legal.According to the report, this investigation is forLearn how to improve for sellersplatformExperience.But the sellerHalf readAfter discoveryA lot ofGrammar and spelling errors.


The seller joked about this,Is it spam orEtsy became careless


In addition to the Seller,Other sellers alsoexpressAfter receiving this investigation report,One of the sellers saidThis report was prepared by the investigation companyQualtrics.alsoThe seller said that they were in the afternoonReceived at 2:14HasSurvey invitation,But after more than an hour, the page was displayedThis investigation hasadvanceend.


haveThe seller believes that,Probably because someoneAttackedIn this platformUnwanted features such asEtsy's Star Seller ProgramTerminate telephone support for sellersRefund the customer from the seller's accountCancel order after shipmentwait.


The star sellers in the above functions plan toJustIt has caused a lot of hot discussions, and many foreign sellers are dissatisfied with this. They think that the star seller plan lacks a certain degree of fairness, and does not include the real star seller. The measurement standard needs to be improved. The seller thinks that it may be because of these unsatisfied feedback thatEtsyThe investigation had to be terminated early.


At this timeParticipating in the surveyEtsy SellerMedium, SellerThe survey content was not described, but one of the sellerscallThey spentIt took 50 minutes to complete the survey.And the seller saidUnder investigationContains typos,This is alsoMake them suspiciousmailSource of.


Even though the authenticity of this email was doubted, the seller who received the email still completed the investigation. Although in some new functionsEtsyThe seller was dissatisfied, but the sales performance of the platform is still growing and the market expectation remains stable.

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