Summary of the 2021 e-commerce peak season: high product price, low discount and large shortage


Author:Liu Mengyuan
Source: ennews

Adobe Analytics More than 1 trillion visits, 100 million SKUs and 18 According to the product category statistics in November and December, American online consumers encountered more than 6 billion online product out of stock messages during the holiday shopping in 2021. Compared with the holiday in 2020, the out of stock news increased by 10% and 256% respectively.


In addition, supply chain problems, including the regular closure of manufacturing facilities, crowded ports and cargo delays, also disrupted the retail business in 2021.


According to the survey of 1033 online shoppers conducted by Digital Commerce 360 and Bizrate Insights, 30% of shoppers said they had encountered more out of stock products this year compared with the holiday shopping period in 2020. In addition, 25% of consumers said that they paid more attention to two thousand and twenty-oneOnline sellers who have sufficient inventory and can deliver goods in time during annual holiday shopping.


According to AdobeAccording to the data of, even though the shortage problem is serious during the holiday shopping in 2021, the e-commerce sales of the whole year will still grow by 8.6% year on year.


Meanwhile, according to Adobe He said that there is another trend in this holiday shopping season: online sellers offer lower product discounts and higher product prices.


According to Adobe's data, in terms of sales promotion, compared with last year, online retailers will not discount their products so much during the 2021 holiday. However, clothing and toys are excluded.


As for whether the product price will affect consumers' purchase decisions, the survey showed that only 29% of consumers said they were not restricted by this year's promotional activities. In fact, 18% of consumers said they paid the full price for their products, and 17% said they bought fewer goods than they planned due to the lack of promotional activities.


However, according to the Adobe Digital Price Index, no matter how much the online retailer discounts its products during the holiday two thousand and twentyCompared with December, the online prices in December 2021 have increased by 3.1%.


Adobe Of the 18 categories tracked in December, 13 showed price increases. The categories with relatively large year-on-year price increase in December include clothing (16.6% year-on-year increase), tools/home decoration (year-on-year increase 7.1%), groceries (up 4.9%) and electrical appliances (up 4.1%).

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