Amazon Poland launches product promotion function!


Author:Yu Xiaoying
Source: ennews

Recently, Amazon released a notice stating that,Amazon Poland Station Product Promotion(The Sponsored Products feature has been officially launchedNow sellers can use this feature to promote their brand and products to consumers.


B2B Amazon Poland Station Launches Product Promotion Function!

Amazon stated that through product promotion, sellers can set their own advertising budget to obtain the desired traffic, and it is recommended to do so every day45 zloty (approximately 11.2 USD). The more competitive the bid, the more likely the seller's advertisement is to be displayed when it matches the customer's shopping needs.


Sellers' advertisements can be displayed above and next to store results on computers and mobile devices, as well as on product pages. Display advertisements to shoppers based on relevant keywords or products. It should be noted that currently, adult products, second-hand products, refurbished products, and closed category products do not meet the conditions for advertising.


If the seller has previously placed advertisements on other sites, they can also associate the Polish account with other accounts to manage multiple country accounts on a comprehensive panel.


last yearIn March, Amazon Poland was officially launched. It is understood that at the time of its launch, the Polish site had over 70000 global sellers, all of whom were existing sellers in other markets, mainly from China, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, and France. In just one month, 3.7 million people visited Amazon Poland.


Last yearIn October, Amazon announced the launch of Amazon Prime service in Poland, offering free delivery and video streaming services. Amazon stated that its Prime service in Poland is priced at 49 zlotys (approximately $12.2) per year and offers free delivery services for orders exceeding 40 zlotys (approximately $9.98).


According to reports, at that time, this news led to Polish e-commerce competitorsAllegro's stock price directly fell by 3.7%. Nevertheless, Allegro remains the undisputed leader in the Polish e-commerce market. Data shows that as of August last year, Allegro had 17.744 million users, while Amazon Poland had 2.779 million users. But it is undeniable that Amazon's accession has greatly intensified the competition in the country's e-commerce market.

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