Social e-commerce rises, and the global market will reach 1.2 trillion dollars in 2025


Author:Zheng Yang
Source: ennews

According to AccenturenewestResearchdisplayreach2025adoptSocial media worldwideThe resulting shopping consumption will reachUS $1.2 trillionComparisonscurrentUS $492 billionLargerise.


Accenture said, Growth rate of social commercetakeThree times of traditional businessGeneration Z and millennial usersyesMain driving force of social business development, toIn 2025, they will account for the global social commercetotalExpendable62%。


At the same time,Accenture pointed out that among the social media users surveyednearlyTwo thirds(64%) said last yearadoptsocial contactShopping through media channels, thisMap toGlobalofThe words will benear2 billionuser


It is reported that,AccentureThis reportbe based onhisA series of studies on social commerce. It is onMay and June 2021consumerInterviewed with the seller, andIn August and September 2021, for five countries (China, India, BrazilUS and UK)ten thousandSeveral social media users conducted an online survey.


In addition, AccenturestayThis timeIn the reportFor social businessThe following definition is used: social commerce includes products or services ordered through social networks,coverB2C and C2C transactionsWhether paid orDispatchHow.


With the rapid development of social commerce,Large enterpriseswithout doubttakewelcomeimportantDevelopment opportunities, but Accentureexpress,Small brandSmall businessWill alsofrom amongbenefit


have59%intervieweeSaid they were moredeviationBy socializingbusiness affairsSupport small and medium-sizedtypeEnterprise.At the same time, there are63% of respondents said theyWilling toFrom the same sellerconductsecondaryBuy, thisIt also showsSocial commerce is being establisheduserLoyalty and driving repeat purchasesAspectadvantage


However, Accenture found that among the users surveyedHalfofpeopleworryfromSocial BusinessThere is no security guarantee, refund and other after-sales services when shopping through the channel


In this regard,Accenture Global Consumptionexecutive directorOliver Wrightexpress,Social BusinessyesBy creativityOriginality and humanCommon factorsDriven. wantrealizationSocial BusinessdevelopmentneedbusinessAnd brands bring their products and services to consumersrealWhere you need to come


This meansMerchants and brandsIn the platform, market, social media and influencers'online retailersWork together in the ecosystem to share dataandInsights in the digital marketplaceFor consumersProvide the best consumption experience

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